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Topic: AO Upgrade.

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    AO Upgrade.

    I decided today to purchase the Advanced Orchestra 3 CD upgrade set, but was disappointed to discover that it is not yet available in Giga-format. Should I go ahead and buy (and convert) the Akai version, or should I wait for the Gigasampler version to arrive? If so, when is the upgrade likely to be available?
    Alistair Lock

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    Re: AO Upgrade.

    I have AO Upgrade 97 in Akai format. It converts to GIG without any problem, but I think this library is a bit dissapointing. It has some slightly better timpanies than Percussion&Harp disc, but nothning really special. The solo Harp is very dissapointing and not much usable. \"Hollywood\", fast, and \"97\" strings sounds very synthetic. But it\'s only my opinion, you have to hear it yourself.

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