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Topic: How do I Delete Dimension

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    How do I Delete Dimension

    How can I delete \" Dimensions \" created in the Insrument editor. Thanks

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    Re: How do I Delete Dimension

    You can choose the edit dimension button and lower the split\\bit number. You can choose to keep the odd (lower) or even(higher) dimension (cases) to keep the one you want to keep. If you have 8 splits, you may have to lower the splits, one at a time and keep track of the dimension you wish to keep since it will hop back and forth between odd and even splits. If it\'s a velocity split, you can do the same thing with the velocity splits button. Same thing with stero\\mono. All these count as dimensions. If you need further assistance, don\'t hesitate to call us on the tech line and we can walk you through it in more depth.
    Have fun
    Dave of NemeSys

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