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Topic: Acoutic Guitar etc. library review

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    Acoutic Guitar etc. library review

    Back in the beginning of November Danny Lux made us aware of a new CD that had just come out. Dave at Nemesys was going to review it. We haven\'t heard anything.....anyone had a chance to use it. To quote Danny \"There is a new GS format CD ROM with Acous. gtr strums, Bass, Drums,etc... http://members.xoom.com/esounds
    There \'s mp3 demos, etc.

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    Re: Acoutic Guitar etc. library review


    I checked out the URL and it looks really interesting. I have always fancied myself as a plankspanker but God gave me the misnomer of having woosey girl fingers that don\'t like having strings put across them. This might be a solution for my problems. PaPa Chalk, can you get hold of this library at all ?.

    Has anyone got this library to shed any light on its sounds..?.


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    Re: Acoutic Guitar etc. library review

    I have this Acoustic essential CD. It has great strums both up and down and you can change the chord quality by pressing lower octave keys in real time. It is very convincing. The drums
    and bass are not all that good. It has 6 and 12 string acoustics including individual note samples that are OK but not great. It is worth the small price tag.

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    Re: Acoutic Guitar etc. library review

    I also own this collection, and would agree with Punda\'s review.


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    Re: Acoutic Guitar etc. library review

    Hey fellow \"gigsters\", does this library contain merely \"unplugged\" guitar sounds, strums and licks etc. or does it also contain
    any electric guitar strums and sounds. If not does anyone know of a library that currently offers the total guitar package: unplugged, electric, flanged, overdrive, stratocastor, even wah wah effects would be nice. Seems like someone would have offered something like this long ago.


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