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Topic: MakeMusic and Garritan to Produce Abbey Road Sound Products

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    MakeMusic and Garritan to Produce Abbey Road Sound Products

    MakeMusic, Inc. (NASDAQ: MMUS) today announced an agreement with London’s Abbey Road Studios to produce a series of Garritan products including libraries featuring sounds associated with the acclaimed recording facility. Under the terms of the unprecedented five-year agreement, MakeMusic will team with Abbey Road Studios to continuously develop new innovations in sound technology.

    Abbey Road is the home of the most celebrated recording studios in the world. Within its walls popular music was forever changed through the innovative audio manipulation by the Beatles, Pink Floyd and countless others. Many of the sounds found on iconic recordings from the 1930s to today are the product of the unique collection of instruments, microphones, famed custom analog outboard gear and legendary acoustics of Abbey Road Studios. For the first time ever, MakeMusic plans to create comprehensive, authorized libraries of these sounds.

    “Garritan creations are works of art,” said Karen van Lith, MakeMusic CEO. “The combination of Garritan artistry with MakeMusic’s resources and discipline made this multiple product partnership with Abbey Road possible. New sounds ignite the imaginations of the musicians who use them, and the resulting music inspires us all. We are dedicated to the creation of exceptional virtual instrument sounds because we believe they will play an increasing role in the future of digital music.”
    Garritan offers an entire family of world-class sound libraries including the industry-changing Garritan Personal Orchestra. These libraries can be used with Finale and other music notation programs, as well as in sequencing and digital audio workstation software.

    “Gary Garritan’s reputation for quality, fidelity and innovation is a perfect match for Abbey Road Studios as we expand our range of premium sampled instruments,” said Mirek Stiles, head of audio products at Abbey Road Studios. “We look forward to working with Gary and his skilled team in creating a line of beautiful titles that really encapsulate the historic technical excellence and unique acoustic properties of Abbey Road Studios.”

    “The opportunity to work with Abbey Road is a dream come true,” said Gary Garritan, MakeMusic’s director of instrumental sciences. “To capture the most sought-after sounds in popular music and provide them for future generations of musicians is a great honor and will truly be a labor of love.”

    More information about Garritan and other MakeMusic brands can be found at makemusic.com.

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    Re: MakeMusic and Garritan to Produce Abbey Road Sound Products

    Wow!!! All I can say is WOW!!!!!

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    Re: MakeMusic and Garritan to Produce Abbey Road Sound Products

    Abbey Road. Not only famous because of Popular Music, but also for Classical Recordings !!!


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    Re: MakeMusic and Garritan to Produce Abbey Road Sound Products

    Garritan Zebra Crossing !
    Can't wait for this library !
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    Re: MakeMusic and Garritan to Produce Abbey Road Sound Products

    WAY TO GO!!!!

    Congratulations and just plain WOW!
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    Re: MakeMusic and Garritan to Produce Abbey Road Sound Products

    What I don't like is the fact we'll have to wait quite a while to see these products

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    Re: MakeMusic and Garritan to Produce Abbey Road Sound Products

    This will be a really exciting development to follow!

    Kudos to the Abbey Road people who are savvy enough to know what a smart move it is to partner with Garritan and Make Music. So many possibilities! And everyone will benefit - all the companies involved as well as us lucky musical software users.

    It has to be way too early to find out exactly what will be developed. I would imagine mapping out a plan of action will take quite awhile to develop. And then the sessions in England to generate the digital data needed, the programming
    - It all sounds like a Huge project - Several huge projects!

    Here's the inevitable question that comes up - What sort of things will be developed which Abbey Road hasn't already done in partnership with other companies?

    Propellerhead has "Abbey Road Keyboards Refill," which features 7 vintage AR keyboards, including the piano and Mellotron used by The Beatles. They were sampled at AR, with multiple mike set-ups to capture the ambience of Studio Two. This is an official AR virtual instrument collection.

    Chandler's Abbey Road plug-in bundle features a set of full mastering plug-in emulations also created at AR.

    Fab Four from East/West is a set of instruments and studio equipment which emulates AR, but is NOT an officially AR produced set of programs.

    Then there are several hardware re-creations which were done in collaboration with AR.

    Is AR continuing to partner with multiple companies? And, like I said, I wonder what else is able to be created at the
    studios? There must be more - and the creative people at Make Music, Garritan, and AR will probably putting their heads together soon to figure that very thing out!


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    Re: MakeMusic and Garritan to Produce Abbey Road Sound Products

    There's also the Abbey Road Drummer series (http://www.native-instruments.com/#/...ies/?page=3229) by Native Instruments.

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    Re: MakeMusic and Garritan to Produce Abbey Road Sound Products

    Personally I have zero interest in the recording location or of tying a famous studio name to a product.

    If however it actually produces a better sounding product, then its a good idea - otherwise its just a marketing ploy.
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