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Topic: Sibelius dynamics not working with GPO4

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    Exclamation Sibelius dynamics not working with GPO4


    After buying GPO4 I thought I'd try to get it working with Sibelius 5. I can correctly set up the ARIA player so that Sibelius uses the GPO4 samples for my instruments. However, unlike the standard Sibelius midi instruments, the GPO4 samples do not seem to change levels when instructed to on Sibelius.

    For example, there may be the line 'Violin I' which is marked as PP, let's say. If I change the dynamic to anything else, even FFF, there is no change in the sample's volume. Crescendos do not work either.

    I'm not sure if it is because Garritan just does not support dynamic changes within Sibelius or that I've set up the sound set incorrectly.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have a deadline for a composition soon and I'd love to get it to sound as best as I can (with GPO4 instead of the cheap stock Sibelius samples!)


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    Re: Sibelius dynamics not working with GPO4

    My bad, found another thread with the same topic.

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    Re: Sibelius dynamics not working with GPO4

    I'm not sure if I can remember how Sib 5 worked with GPO, but one thing to do is to make certain that Live Playback is switched off. That can make the difference between whether or not dynamics sounds. Not to be insulting - as I don't know your Sibelius background - but you are using Expression text, yes? For hairpins, place them, then select them; once selected, you can determine how much cresc./decresc. you want in the Playback panel (read the manual). Sorry, it's been years since I used 5 - hard to remember what it would do.

    Hope that helps a little.
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Sibelius dynamics not working with GPO4

    Quote Originally Posted by Spacktardius View Post
    My bad, found another thread with the same topic.
    That's OK - But be sure to look at my last reply on that other thread:



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