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Topic: Filter Madness to download...

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    Filter Madness to download...

    Hello everybody !

    I\'ve just uploaded a gig file called \"Filter Madness\" in the download area of this site and at Worra\'s Place. As soon as it\'ll be available, I would appreciate your comments on it. Don\'t be mislead by the tiny size of it. It\'s an interesting (according to me) combination of filters and layers on a single mono synth wave. When setup correctly, it\'s a sreaming synth sound !!! I\'ve enclosed a help file accessible through \"more information\" in giga. It\'s part of a wider gigasampler synth library that I\'d like to make accessible to others.


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    Re: Filter Madness to download...

    Ouups !

    The email on the read me file is wrong... The right one is the one in \"about\" (the question mark) in the help file...
    Just in case...


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    Re: Filter Madness to download...

    Hi, Worra here.

    I\'ve received the gig and I\'ll publish it soon, I have a bit of a backlog and I\'m publish in the same order I recieve the gigs, but it\'ll soon be there.


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