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Topic: Sample Cd's

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    Sample Cd\'s

    First Of all Hi to everyone on the list !!

    I wonder if the \"Shared Knowledge\" of the group can help me out. I\'m, new to sampling and would appreciate any help I can get.

    I have been making music on both the Atari and PC for 10 years now and my most recent sound module is a Roland SC155 Sound Canvas which I\'ve had for quite a while.

    I have recently wanted to extend my \"Sonic Arsenal\" and have achieved this to some extent by purchasing a Soundblaster \"Live\" card and using some wonderful \"Sound Fonts\" but I would like to add more synth sounds into my compositions which is where Gigasampler comes in. I have reasoned that it is going to be more cost effective to say buy Giga Sampler at £150 ish and a few sample CD\'s than buy a Hardware sampler.

    I am assuming here that because Akai samplers have been around for such a long time there will be literally hundreds of sample CD\'s on the market, however if the product that I am after is available in GD format then so much the better.

    What I am looking to find out is if there are sample CD\'s available of any particular synth (If I was a keyboard player I would rattle off some \"Cool\" synth makes & models here but I\'m not !!!, however I sure you get the idea. What I want to do is add some nice synth sounds into my songs using either an Akai or GS format sample CD).

    So Can anyone tell me such a thing exists and where I can get it

    Thanks a lot

    Tony Brown

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    Re: Sample Cd\'s

    BiggaGigga has two cd\'s with synths for the GS, one with sounds from Prophet-5 and one with DX-11 instruments. Shortly you will be able to buy the from Northen Sounds, but as today, go to www.worrasplace.com and check the online store.

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    Re: Sample Cd\'s

    lots of great (vintage) synth sounds are on XXL analogue dreams. Modern digital sounds on the CD-ROM´s synth city 1+2. Check out www.bestservice.de !

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