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Topic: Ultimate Strings vs. Advanced Orchestra

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    Ultimate Strings vs. Advanced Orchestra

    Hi, can anybody offer any comments on how the strings in Advanced Orchestra compare to Ultimate Strings. Also, ss I understand it, all of the Ultimate Strings samples are looped. Is this also true with AO? Any comments appreciated, thanks!

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    Re: Ultimate Strings vs. Advanced Orchestra

    Very poor programming for both. Sound quality much better for US ensemble cellos. Ensemble violins and violas comparable, but poor loops on US violas. Overall, US ensemble strings preferable to AO. But what we actually need are excellent samples and smart programming. We are far from that.

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    Re: Ultimate Strings vs. Advanced Orchestra

    what do you mean with \"poor programming\"? The programming of AO GS is on highest level! Please do not compare with the AO for AKAI S1000, which has a much simpler programming. AO GS is far away from that!

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    Re: Ultimate Strings vs. Advanced Orchestra

    Holger is correct. The programming in the GS version of AO is first rate - in fact, in a class by itself for orchestral libraries presently available. By the way, you can thank Holger himself for that fact. He did the programming.


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    Re: Ultimate Strings vs. Advanced Orchestra

    Please refrain from using abusive talk
    on this site. we don\'t want this site to be used as an abusive bantering site.
    you are more than welcome to re edit your post or we will have to remove your post soon.
    Our apologies to all for not catching this sooner.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Ultimate Strings vs. Advanced Orchestra

    This kind of thread makes one suspicious about the real finality of this forum. Dissension is nowadays unfashionable, even in a small community of musicians.
    AO string programming should have considered:
    1)envelope attack linked to velocity, absolutely indispensable, especially for the legato patch
    2)linear (rather than nonlinear high)response (much better suited for strings).
    3)lowpass filtering (perhaps linked to volume by an additional controller
    4) vibrato linked to the mod wheel
    Please also refer to The Guide to midi orchestration for some helpful additional suggestions.
    Take care,

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    Re: Ultimate Strings vs. Advanced Orchestra

    Sorry punda had to remove your post we do not tolerate any foul language abusive name calling of any kind.

    PaPa Chalk

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