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Topic: AO Full set

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    AO Full set

    I own AO Strings. I wanted to add the woodwinds from the set. I am being told that you have to but the complete set. Which means you cannot mix and match with other libraries. I was also told that I can trade my AO Strings disk in when I buy the whole set. Does anyone now anything about this situation. Thanks.

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    Re: AO Full set

    For some reason, Best Service (and therefore East/West) doesn’t offer the GS version of AO as separate volumes, as they did for other formats. IMHO, that makes their service anything but ‘Best’.

    An option to consider would be to purchase the Akai volume of woodwinds, and use S-Converter’s ‘Combine to Gig’ function to build instruments that are structured similarly to what you’d find in the GS version. Both versions a built from the same wav files.

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    Re: AO Full set

    I think it is possible to upgrade the strings to the full library, isn´t it?

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