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Topic: New Vitous discussion forum

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    New Vitous discussion forum

    Check out the new discussion forum on

    The giga libraries will be shipping December 15th!

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    Re: New Vitous discussion forum

    december 15th what? 2001 or 2002?

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    Re: New Vitous discussion forum


    Good question.

    I actuly think it might be 2003, he he he!!!

    Well, enough kidding. After writing 15th Dec. of this year I certanly hope they stick by the realase date.

    [This message has been edited by Mikael (edited 11-27-1999).]

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    Re: New Vitous discussion forum

    1999! Thanks for your patience. Much of the work at first had to be done by me when there was time.(between months of touring U.S. and Europe and all) Now that Miroslav has become a real power user of the GigaSampler, things should go much faster for future volumes and libraries from Marcati. He may soon become my \"NemeSys\" in instrument design. (you can groan now)
    Take care

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    Re: New Vitous discussion forum

    Its not hacker messing with northernsounds.
    To revive a old post you just do a search then repond to it and here it is.
    Now how about that new Vitous Disscusion forum,and does any one really care? [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Re: New Vitous discussion forum

    I would join it!

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    Re: New Vitous discussion forum

    I see.
    Maybe its was a cyber ghost.
    As silly as that sounds and ofcourse it was meant to be a joke, It does beg the question....
    If one can conclude that Ghost do exist in the phisical world,[I believe they do , I have one in my house] are there any documented cases of ghost activity in the virtual world?

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    Re: New Vitous discussion forum

    No. So far, most ghosts are from the pre-internet age, and therefore this technology is simply too \"new fangled\" for them. But as time goes by, there will inevitably be more tech-savvy ghosts hanging around. So it\'s only a matter of time I guess. We should start perparing for the coming onslaught. Much like a second Y2K, we need to start fortifying our networks, making them more \"ghost resistant\" as we anticipate these rising numbers of technically proficient entities.


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    Re: New Vitous discussion forum

    Why when I click on that link it makes me have to install Korean text and if I cancel it takes me to a \'Domain for Sale\' page?

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    Re: New Vitous discussion forum


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