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Topic: ludwig snare drum finished!!

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    ludwig snare drum finished!!

    Ok everyone I am finished with some of the smaples (snares, triangles, tambs, and a sus. cym and two of the seven log drums. I just finished editing the ludwig snare drum (with calf heads) and tested it against the AO snare drums and I promise you there is NO comparison. Thank you to everyone for all of your helpful suggestions because it may not of come off as good without all of your help.

    What I plan to do later today is to make a demo of the instruments I have done so that you all can listen. I will also upload a .gig file of the ludwig snare drum if someone can tell me where to put it or if I can just send it to someone and you could put it up. Hope to hear from everyone soon.

    I am thinking of charging a SMALL price for these samples IF you all think they are worth it. After you get the snare compare it to the AO snares or any others for that matter and see for yourself. Also remeber that I sampled ALOT more percussion instrments (check back under the topic of brass library for the complete list)

    I will try to get the rest of the instruments done as quickly as I can but I have symphony rehearsal tonight and this REALLY takes a long time to do right!!!


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    Re: ludwig snare drum finished!!

    Can\'t wait to hear them. http://members.xoom.com/worrasplace/
    has a gs gig file upload and down load section. It\'s not the fastest web site, but it is setup for it.

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    Re: ludwig snare drum finished!!

    You can also up it here if you\'d like it\'s up to you. if you put it on worras let us know we\'ll post a link
    send us an email to make sure its up. http://www.northernsounds.com/upload/

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    Re: ludwig snare drum finished!!

    donnie, do you working on a orchestra percussion library? If yes, inform me under holger@upart.com, because I am organizing the Sample CD/ROM-reviews for the german mag KEYS and maybe your project could be subject for a test.

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