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Topic: GPO on new Vista- no audio??

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    GPO on new laptop- no audio??

    Strictly speaking, there is audio- a crackling vibrating noise- when I load an instrument -any instrument- into the Aria Player. It's not a melodic tone, more like an extremely slow square wave emanating from the lowest key on a piano (this was using a steinway Duo on every track, one at a time)

    It sounds a little like sound waves at extremely slow speed. There is minimal tonal change, but there is tonal change as you go up the keyboard in Aria...

    Using a brand new windows 7 machine and testing on both the x64 or 'normal' Aria player. The same version of GPO4, which I obtained only a week back, played back perfectly on my recently-deceased Vista machine..

    Is there something I need to do differently in Windows 7? I've restarted the machine, logged out of Aria and back in, no help.


    update- oddly, while I have corrected the title from "vista" to "laptop", it's still showing as "vista"- apologies for confusion.
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    Re: GPO on new Vista- no audio??

    It sounds like you're trying to use the laptop's built-in soundcard, and those just aren't up to task of working with recording programs and virtual instruments. You need to have an external audio interface with ASIO drivers. That will replace your computer's card.

    --Side note - Unfortunately, we can't edit the subject line of a post. It looks like you can, but the edit is discarded.


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    Re: GPO on new Vista- no audio??

    Thanx Randy.... I forgot about the ASIO driivers. I d/l'd the latest asio4all and that fixed the issue... Even works on the internal sound card, driving external M-audio powered monitors via the headphone jack..

    Thanks for the help!

    Sadly (for me) I will probably be back for more advice.... GPO is something of a new thing, but I am learning!!

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    Re: GPO on new Vista- no audio??

    Good, BV - Thanks for letting us know you're going OK now.

    I didn't want to mention ASIO4All earlier, because not everybody makes it work for them. Glad it is for you! When I tried that some years ago with a motherboard soundcard, I still got chopped up sound that wasn't workable. What ASIO4All does is trick your software into thinking it's using an ASIO driver, very clever piece of programming when it works right.

    Do start stashing away pennies in your studio budget piggie bank for an audio interface. The benefits are enormous just in convenience. So nice to have XLR plugs right there for mikes, phantom power, lines in, insert points for outboard gear if you want to use it, and what get used constantly are the volume knobs for output to your speakers and the other for your headphones. All in a tidy, small box close to your keyboards. No more dealing with those funky mini-plugs, dealing with plugs on the computer, especially if you're having to reach behind a tower. Well worth it. -- And better sound quality too.

    But you're doing fine for now, and that's great.


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