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Topic: Dave- "split wave" program?

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    Dave- \"split wave\" program?

    I was looking at the gigapiano promo page and saw something you wrote about making the instrument that caught my eye-
    \"The wave files at this point were very long with several notes each so I ran them through Jim\'s almost flawless \"split wave\" program (from the infamous sleaze-ware series) that split the takes into individual .wav files with the unity note embedded in the sample chunk of the wav\"
    I\'ve been using sound forge with some awkward steps in order to automate wave splitting. And there\'s no unity notes set!
    I couldn\'t find any info on the web so I\'d guess \"split wave\" is something you wrote in house. If so is there any chance of making it available? and if not, could you give any info on where to find it? I\'d be curious to check it out.

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    Re: Dave- \"split wave\" program?

    This was definitely an in house program. There is now an even better solution that is windows based (not dos command prompt like the one we had). Check out WaveSurgeon. You can see the files graphically and adjust a sensitivity slider and see where all the splits will occur and it will extract them to wave files. It does other cool things similar to ACID and Groove Control for dealing with looped beats and tempo.

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    Re: Dave- \"split wave\" program?

    And here\'s the link...

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