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Topic: Mono GigaPiano?

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    Mono GigaPiano?

    Is there an easy work-around, or does there exist, a mono version of the GigaPiano without me having a mega session with the editor?
    The reason I ask is because I usually only use the piano in an orchestral set-up, ideally panned left of centre, in amongst the rest of the orchestra. The GigaPiano is in stereo, and covers the stereo field, which, unless being used as a featured instrument, can sound rather odd, and for my purposes, unnecessary.
    Another reason for a mono version is a piano that does not potentially use as much polyphony.

    Any thoughts?
    Alistair Lock

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    Re: Mono GigaPiano?

    This may not be what you\'re looking for, but if you go the editor route you can do a minimum of work by using the batch converter sub-application in sound forge. First extract the files in gigasampler editor from the gigapiano into directories for each velocity, damper, release, etc. Then in sound forge batch converter create your script by just choosing in options, conversion settings, process.. channel converter.. stereo to mono.
    In theory you can now work with each directory rather than each file. With the instrument editor you should be able to rebuild the instrument in a minimum of time from there. Hope this helps.
    Oh, one thing, you may lose some quality with mono files from phase cancellation in the combined channels. I think gigapiano was done with a close miced spaced pair. Whether it would be anything to worry about I have no idea.

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    Re: Mono GigaPiano?

    Thank-you for that.
    I\'ve just bought Sound Forge 4.5, and am still getting to grips with all that it offers. I\'ll let you know how I get on.

    Alistair Lock

    Rather than send another post, I thought I would add the following.

    I tried the method you described, but unfortunately on export, the files are rendered useless by some sort of copy protection. In trying to edit the audio, only the release trigger notes would open up the audio editor. The edit audio option was greyed out for any other sample.
    Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to record it in stereo and mix and pan it in mono to the position I want.

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