Say I was doing sound effects and need \"oohhs and aaahhhs\" like a a gold crowd at a Golf course. I could go out and grab a bunch of people and sample them...or a few people multiple times..or one person multiple times with differnt pitches and other filters/effects....but waht abot sampling a crowd from an actual golf game on TV. Is it at all possible to track this type of sample down? And is it THAT big of a problem? I\'m pretty sure it is still copuright infringement and I don\'t want anyone to endorse it or say \"its ok\"...but I\'m wondering what sort of issues there are. and HOW IN ANYONES NAME they would track the sample down.

This question is up because I had to make quick Golf crowd sound effects for a game and did the single person thing,..which turned out ok...but not \"real\" enough for me,..and was wondering if I had gone the TV route if I would have been \"THE BIGGEST NO-NO OF MY LIFE\" ...I need more friends so I can go out and sample them