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Topic: How a simple idea could become a nightmare

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    How a simple idea could become a nightmare

    Here's the scenario I want to achieve: to have cubase 6.5 slave synchronized to a real drummer just to use Spectrasonics Stylus and Omni/Trilian grooves and arpeggios live.
    Several days ago in my mind I thought it could have been a simple task. Some electronics coupled with say... kick pedal of the drum that may send an impulse trasformed to midi clock after some software algorithms.
    Before plugging the solderer, I googled around to find if something already did exist. The first thing I found was the Redsound Soundbite Micro, a nice little piece of gear that receives an audio track in its input, beat detect it to find bpm and sends midi clock to its midi out. "I'm on a horse" I said to myself. After several days of trials I must say "What a childlike I was".
    Music software companies seem to have a trust in a "Feed the drummer with a click track to torture him" company.
    Before telling the full story of the last days the question is: is this possible in some way?

    Here's the story:
    First of all I bought a second hand Soundbite Micro. The device seems to work pretty well. You put an audio track with a straight beat in its audio input and, after some adjustments, four nice blue leds start to blink following the tempo. The first thing I discovered is that Cubase doesn't sync as slave to midi clock. WHY??? Google again and I find that other seqs do. So I started downloading trial version of Sonar X1. It receives play command, starts play but it doesn't follow tempo in any way.
    Then I downloaded trial version of Ableton Live. It syncs perfectly with Soundbite Micro detecting a beat. I was so happy. So I loaded an arpeggiated patch in Omnisphere but when slaved to sync the patch sound for less than a second and then stops.
    Ok... my last hope is Rewire. I thought: "Soundbite Micro as sync master to Live that could be master Rewired to a Cubase slave instance and maybe inside Cubase Omnisphere arp patches play in sync". Nothing! Cubase can't be slave rewired.

    I hope some of you could have an answer to this. Last hope is Spectrasonics may look at sound interruption in patches when Live is synced to midi clock

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    Re: How a simple idea could become a nightmare

    Have the drummer play to a click. That's how it's done. :-)

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    Re: How a simple idea could become a nightmare

    Thanks for your response Eric but I'm sorry (and of course happy) to contradict you. Finally I solved. I have to pre tap a bit on the dedicated button in Live internally synced and then switching to external sync, every VSTs sound as they should following the tempo.
    I must have to say thanks to Ableton support that suggested some hints that didn't help for the final solution but encouraged me to experiment again just when I was discouraged.
    From now on for all of you I'm "The Drummers' Emancipator"

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