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Topic: More on strings...

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    More on strings...


    I noticed that there have been some great posts regarding orchestral string libraries. A few questions though...I myself own an use the Miroslav and Advanced orchestra library, and am also buying the Kirk Hunter virtuoso library in the next few weeks, for use on my Emu samplers. However, I\'m wondering if it\'s worth it to use Kirk Hunter with Gigasampler. I had heard SOMEWHERE that there had been some problems with the conversion of Kirk Hunter strings to gigasampler format through S-Conveter. Can anyone verify this and if there are indeed problems, what are they? I will buy both the Emu and Akai versions of the library if the akai version will function with Gigasampler properly. I\'ll buy the E4 version for sure...just thinking that running Giga alongside might be nice with the AKAI versions as well. For those of you who have used Kirk Hunter on an Emu e4 in addition to using it with Gigasampler..how does it compare? I know there are some fairly exclusive programming techniques that might not translate, so I\'d like to find out before I spend an extra $1000 or so

    Also on another related note, I remember reading a very good article on the net somewhere about \'digital orchestras\' andhow the concepts apply to film scoring. It detailed the \'top\' orchestral libraries that are being used in the film scoring industry today...unfortunately I lost all my bookmarks in a big windows blowout ( If anyone happens to have the site bookmarked or the article bookmarked, please let me know. It was written by one of the guys who programed the Miroslav library if my memory serves me correctly who also works with Danny Elfman. I hate windows..i can only pray that it will not crash and destory all of my gigasampler samples!!! Grrr...thanks to everyone in advance.


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    Re: More on strings...

    Hi there, I have bought the Kirk Hunter Virtuoso library in Akai format (even though I don\'t own an Akai. It sounds great but unfortunately S-Convert doesn\'t do it\'s job properly and I have been unable to use the srtrings at all. I have contacted both Nemesys and Ilio over the last 3 months both replied initially, but once they found the going tough, they both left me to contemplate my $1000 wasted purchase alone!

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    Re: More on strings...

    Off base to the original post I know, but as you own the Miroslav collection, how do you find the Brass? I have the Audio version of the AO and the brass is mostly useful, and I’m wondering about taking the (expensive) plunge with the Vitous brass, and strings for that matter.
    Alistair Lock

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    Re: More on strings...

    Hi... I read that review of the various orchestra libraries. I myself found it very informative about the available libraries out there. Right now I only own the Ultimate Strings Library which I am pretty happy with but I didn\'t know whether to invest in Peter Sied Adv Orch or Miroslav... I guess I\'ll make that decision when I pull the money together to afford it. Hopefully the better samples will give me a better shot at doing orchestral scoring for money. Oh yah.. that article I read was on http://www.**************** I think. I\'m too lazy to look for it in my massive bookmark list.

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    Re: More on strings...

    Oh I found the exact link for you.. here it is.. http://www.****************/tech/midi/articles/090199/digitalorchestra.shtml

    btw, are you a film composer too?

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    Re: More on strings...

    hi Chookie, for some odd reason that url doesn\'t work. When i click on it, netscape seems to just hangs there until it says it couldn\'t connect to the site (couldn\'t connect, please check the name and try again). Any idea what is wrong?

    Yes, I am a film composer myself. Currently I work mostly doing television spots and indie films as well as other non-film related production work. I\'m really not making a huge effort to try and \'break in\' to the major Hollywood scoring arena, as I feel there is much more artistic integrity in the indie area of film production. At least thats what I\'ve found...indie films are quite fun.

    What type of equipment and sample libraries do you use that are non-orchestral related?


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    Re: More on strings...


    I am personally not a fan of the Miroslav brass. I find the AO set to be much more realistic sounding and it seems to be much easier to itegrate the instruments into any type of orchestral music. Miroslav for strings is great however (especially the string ensembles disk which I use a LOT in my work). I own both libraries in full. I started out just using Miroslav, but then got AO to replace the mediocre brass in Miroslav.

    My advice to you is that if youalready have the AO set (specifically the brass), invest in the string ensemble disk by Miroslav. The entire Miroslav set is a waste of money imho, as all of the intrument samples turn out to be not that great..

    Chookie mentioned Ultimate Strings, which is also pretty good (has some nice pizzicato, and some usable solo and ensemble stuff). It can sound a bit cold without the proper EQ however, so be aware of that. Plus it converts well with S-Conveter.


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    Re: More on strings...

    I guess AO is the major production tool presently, even if the strings have more presence and sound closer then miroslav. I foundt that the AO strings sound more original in the endmix, when other instruments and room simulation is added. They simply have more frequencies to eq, and the sound has more structure and details, like slight bow noises. Miroslav sounds much warmer, of course, but in the final mix it sounds like smooth workstation strings - instaed of the CD you better should buy a kurzweil which has the essence of Miroslav in it ans sounds similar, finally.
    For warm and diffuse string clusters we added the big vibrato string set to AO, which has real time expression (XFD between mp and f) and sounds ery vitos-like.
    The big advantage of AO is that it covers 98% of all sounds needed for scoring, contains many special play techniques and has a very intuitive acess to all this via key dimension mapping. It is not a simple AKAI to GS conversion, e.g. like the ultimate strings library. There´s big benefit using the GS-version instead of AKAI.

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    Re: More on strings...

    E4, that url isn\'t what I typed.. maybe this place censors it for some reason. hmm... but the place is Sonic Control so just replace th *\'s with that and .com and it should work. Unless this post gets censored again.. I dunno why though. As to what other sample libraries I have, I don\'t have much.. just Drum Tools, Bob Clearmountain Drums, and Halleluiah. It\'s kinda hard to afford them until I actually start getting better paying gigs So anyway, that\'s that.. peace

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    Re: More on strings...

    Oh yah.. I forgot.. I use a PCM90 with the Ultimate Strings which makes it sound 100 times better and more usable. I don\'t even EQ it.

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