Dear Dave,

its annoying that these bloody users, i mean, it was just a month or two ago we got 1.6 and they\'re already pestering you about what\'s next. Like little bloody children.
Dont worry about the Dave, just keep going with what your doing and ignore them all.
Get back to those effects and expamded mixing board areas your working on.

YOu are working on them arent you. Not that im asking. I heard you were, well i dreamed you were...i think Holger said you should

NO that was the editor. Bloody Hoger butting in. Ignore him Dave...he\'s trouble..get back to the ammendments and the new Version 1.7. With all those Editor fixes.
They\'re are editor fixes arent there? Of corse there is. Thanks Dave. Its the Germans Dave...they\'re always wanting new toys. Pushing technology this and that...dont listen to them...Just carry on with your own path of improvements. Don\'t try and invent fantastic new time mulching and instant loop bpm change functins. Stay with your guns.

The mixer board and the effects and the Editor and the bpm mulcher. Yep that is it.

Thanks Dave. No more to say this end. I wont get in the way...but if you get a minute could you just indicate as to which of the above you\'ve got coming out with 1.7

Im in no hurry.

Heinrich Twang.