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Topic: Total Piano shipping!

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    Total Piano shipping!

    Hi There, long time no hear ... after doing a lot of changes and improvements, all the work is done and Total Piano for Gigasampler is shipping now! Get additional info´s and audiodemo under www.bestservice.de (needs shockwave 7.x)

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    Re: Total Piano shipping!

    I searched the site....Total Piano came up as hypertext but the link to any info didn\'t work.

    Will this be the new definitive piano?

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    Re: Total Piano shipping!

    There never will be a \"definite\" piano. Each Sound has it´s own character, for the one recording a steinway is the right one, another production needs a yamaha.
    For Total Piano we created a special classical piano with more brilliance on the ff samples, so it is optimized for modern classic and scoring. the Overall Sound is Steinway-like. Additional you find a bright pop-piano and lots of special play techniques generated with prepared pianos, e.g. Iron Pianos and Rubbery sounds, and piano effects.

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    Re: Total Piano shipping!

    Is there an MP3 version of the audio? Some of us live behind firewalls you know....

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    Re: Total Piano shipping!

    try to get streaming audio under www.bestservice.de (shockwave 7 required) or mail to info@bestservice.de with greetings from holger to get the mp3 demo via mail!

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    Re: Total Piano shipping!

    Made the E-mail request as you suggested. Oliver (bestservice.de) returned mail saying, \"We do not have a demo\".

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