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Topic: Good rock bass for Giga?

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    Good rock bass for Giga?

    I keep hearing that the Will Lee library isn\'t very good.

    Any other recommendations?

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    Re: Good rock bass for Giga?

    On the contrary I think that Will Lee is awesome especially the sawdosky 5 string. Its great to play. I can tell you that the basses in the quantum leap guitars library suck really badly and I wouldn\'t use them ( some of the guitars are great though! ) .

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    Re: Good rock bass for Giga?

    Hi mitchb2,

    I agree with Ben, Will\'s Basses are really good.

    Alternatively you can take a look at \'BassLegends\' by Marcus Miller, John Patitucci and Abe Laboriel.


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    Re: Good rock bass for Giga?

    Thanks! It\'s good to hear some positive comments. A couple people told me that the library has lots of squeaks, effects, and noises, but that the meat-and-potato bass sounds did not sit well in a mix.

    Do you have the Will Lee sounds in any of the songs on your MP3.com site?

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    Re: Good rock bass for Giga?

    Oh yes,

    please check out \'Veilla\' at besonic.com/wolly

    And if you want, listen to \'Fiesta\'(Done with Abe Laboriels \'Abe\'s Latin Chorus\')


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    Re: Good rock bass for Giga?


    \'Veilla\' is a great tune! And the sound is excellent, as well. I love the percussion, and the bass sounds very tight in the mix.

    So that\'s the Will Lee, huh? What kind of processing, if any, was required?

    Good work,

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    Re: Good rock bass for Giga?

    Hi Mitch,

    the Drums & Percussion are from \'LatinGrooveFactory No.1\'

    Well, there\'s nothing special with the processing.

    Oh yeah, I do all mastering with Wavelab, using \'Spectralizer\' and \'LoudnessMaximizer\'


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    Re: Good rock bass for Giga?

    For processing, I was referring to the bass only. Did you have to give it alot of compression or EQ to make it sit well?

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    Re: Good rock bass for Giga?

    Hi Mitch,

    no eq, no comp, it\'s plain recorded.

    But i must warn you. The \'Loudnessmaximizer\' gives the overall mix an unbelievable push.

    It\'s my favorite PlugIn for mixdown.


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    Re: Good rock bass for Giga?

    I Personally love the Will Lee Bass sounds myself. You have to simply check out the sounds or demos yourself. Some people love the bass, others as you can see don\'t. This goes for all the libraries. Everything we have worked on is taking a real beating in another thread here but there are plenty of musicians who just love those libraries. Check things out for yourself and get what works for you.
    Have fun
    Dave of NemeSys

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