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Topic: The Legend of Erthia OST - The Aftermath

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    The Legend of Erthia OST - The Aftermath

    Here is another composition I did for LOE. It was created using Garritan Instant Orchestra and EWQLSO Silver. This song reflects on the events that take place in the introduction to .

    "I am really loving the harp in GIO!"

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    Re: The Legend of Erthia OST - The Aftermath

    Hello again, sururick

    I enjoyed your--ahem--piece, your composition, the opening theme for Erthia. (For people who didn't see sururick's other recent post - I pointed out that it would be better if he didn't refer to his soundtrack compositions as "songs")--hehe, sorry, couldn't resist giving you a bad time about that.

    This one is is more minimalist, hypnotic in its repetition, in a more New Age style. I'm sure it works in context of being an intro to visuals, while on its own it sounds like something that keeps wanting to start, like it's about to break into a melodic line, but never does, staying with just the established progression. That happens with a lot of soundtrack work - They're appropriately simplistic for their purpose, and on their own can sound kind of naked.

    Gary Garritan is a harp player, and I think the love for his instrument shows in the beautiful harps in GPO, World and IO.

    Thanks for the music.


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    Re: The Legend of Erthia OST - The Aftermath

    I thought this was well put together and worked as a soundtrack to a game. It is (as Randy pointed out) minimalistic and seems to be moving to in-determinant point. This is something you would expect in a game and I feel it works well.

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Your use of IO is well worked out and the sounds you used have an excellent dreamy quality to them.
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: The Legend of Erthia OST - The Aftermath

    LOL, I see you noticed that I didn't put song this time! I didn't know Garry was a harp player, but I have to admit his harp is definetly the best I heard so far in sample libraries. I also have the one he recorded with GPO, it came bundled in Cakewalk Dimension Pro. It is also good, but I still like the GIO version more. EWQLSO - Silver Harp was not so great IMO. Do you think there will ever be a 24bit version of GIO released? Thanks for the feedback!

    Thanks for the feedback and thank you for listening to the song! I am really enjoying GIO. I find it really does fit my needs for composing. It is now my favourite library. I used to rely mainly on EWQLSO - Silver, and Dimension Pro, but I find myself using mostly GIO now!

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