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Topic: AO and upgrade 97

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    AO and upgrade 97

    I was wondering if the gigasampler version of AO includes the upgrade 97 samples. I read a review of the Roland version of AO a while ago in Electronic Musician and the reviewer didn\'t seem very impressed with the strings in the normal set, but did say that the strings in the Upgrade 97 were much better. How different is the Gigasampler version? What exactly does it contain? Most string samples I\'ve heard have too slow of an attack and are only good for slow pieces. So I\'m specifically concerned about whether I can use these samples with fast runs.


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    Re: AO and upgrade 97

    There is no problem with the attack on the normal string samples in AO - you have many articulations including

    1) f
    2) f legato
    3) p
    4) p legato

    where even the legato articulations start sounding immediately. Fast runs sound fine.

    I find the string section sounds a little harsh on the whole - perhaps this is what the reviewer meant.

    The GS AO manual mentions two things which are not from the standard AO set: \"Vibrato strings\" from the upgrade 97 disk and \"Strings Soft Sustain\" from \"Orchestral Colours\" - these latter samples do suffer from the slow attack problem.

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