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Topic: gm for gs

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    gm for gs

    i read from an earlier post conexant was releasing a gm disc for gigasampler and they said sept/oct release so i was wondering if that was out yet and if so what it sounded like.

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    Re: gm for gs


    The release of the GM set is imminent.Their will be two versions a 500mb version and one that is half that size..

    Check out conexant.com.. enter \"gigasampler\" in the search engine and you should find an MP3 demo made up of some of the sounds..


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    Re: gm for gs

    I followed KIA\'s advice and downloaded the MP3 demos from Conexant. Sorry to be negative, but I was not impressed with the sounds.

    As an aside, I am curious about the claim that the Conexant \"Player\" is capable of 256 notes of polyphony.

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    Re: gm for gs


    I haven\'t been able to download them and hear them myself yet.. My work PC don\'t have a soundcard...

    I would welcome comments from the floor on what other people think..


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    Re: gm for gs

    I was also less than impressed after downloading an mp3 of the Conexent GM set.
    I only downloaded one orchestral clip ... but it certainly didn\'t leave me anxious to hear more.


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