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Topic: Roland CDROM conversion

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    Roland CDROM conversion

    Bitheadz software (www.bitheadz.com) will be releasing an update to their Osmosis audio conversion product at the end of October. The update will allow conversion of *all* Roland CD sample data (ie: mapping, filter data, sound, loops, etc) to either Unity DS-1 or SampleCell format. Though this doesn\'t directly relate to Gigasampler, I wanted to share it so Nemesys and others can see that producing a Roland-format conversion product is indeed possible. Dave or Joe at NemeSys- maybe you guys could hook up with the Bitheadz guys to have them add Roland conversion to GS format!

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    Re: Roland CDROM conversion

    Next month Rubber Chicken software will release a package called translator. It will convert a lot of formats, incl. GS. In it\'s initial release it will convert EMU and ASR-10 samples to GS format. In release 2 it should also convert Roland samples. This program converts also the other way around (GS to ASR-10 for example). Seems like an interesting program. http://www.chickensys.com

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    Re: Roland CDROM conversion

    Next month Ugly Fat Camel software will be releasing converters for current conversion programs that will allow different programs to convert all converted samples back to the original instrument that first created the sample. Take a frog croak sampled for Roland but converted to Akai and run it through Ugly Fat Camel software and get a BIG FAT FROG live in your studio.

    couldnt resist


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    Re: Roland CDROM conversion

    Twang I don\'t understand your humor (if it is humor at all).

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    Re: Roland CDROM conversion

    We (NemeSys) recognize the Roland format as important. As Joris mentioned, Rubber Chicken is working on a conversion utility. We are also working internally on the problem. The biggest issue is figuring out the format. If anybody wants to offer assistance, please come forward. As far as Bitheadz, I don\'t really think they are going to work with us - their products very much compete with the GigaSampler.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: Roland CDROM conversion

    LOL, Mr Twang, thank you for making my day

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    Re: Roland CDROM conversion


    I think you have given Joris the \"HUMP\"

    For a minute, I actually thought... what a great name for a company but I am sure the complaints from \"mother-in-law\'s\" would be too great..


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    Re: Roland CDROM conversion


    i was only making fun with the words..not your post. Sorry if you misunderstood. Many people think my humour is a bit obtuse.
    One thing...its never meant to offend.

    Kia...love it!


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    Re: Roland CDROM conversion

    Ok John, I was not offended, just did not see the joke (maybe I\'m not in the humor mood when I\'m on the net).

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