Hello Sampleists!

It's been a very busy few days in the world of Sampleism, we now have nearly 100 unique Kontakt Instruments on Sampleism and 100 unique WAV sample packs, not including all the other formats and genres you can find.

We are also very pleased to announce that very soon we shall also have an exclusive software development team releasing brand new audio software using the Sampleism platform.

Remember that any developer (new or established) can use Sampleism as a platform to distribute their libraries, samples, loops, patches or instruments. No need to register or sign contracts, just log-in for free using any existing social network ID and create an account in seconds. Upload and sell your sounds!

Read on to find out what our latest developers are adding to the library......

Developer : MA-Simon

Glass Bowl Percussion- Experimental Steam Punk Minis V1

Volume 1 of MA-Simon's experimental Steam Punk Minis features Instruments made by playing a Glass Bowl in a lot of different ways.

There are 10 Kontakt Instruments:
  • 01 - Glass Bowl | Both Hands (3 Vel. 12 RR)
  • 02 - Glass Bowl | Finger Knuckle (3 Vel. 10 RR)
  • 03 - Glass Bowl | Finger Scratch (2 Vel. 10 RR)
  • 04 - Glass Bowl | Finger Snap (2 Vel. 10 RR)
  • 05 - Glass Bowl | Hands Left-Right (2 Vel. 10 RR)
  • 06 - Glass Bowl | Spoon Version I (3 Vel. 10 RR)
  • 07 - Glass Bowl | Spoon Version II (3 Vel. 10 RR)
  • 08 - Glass Bowl | Stick (2 Vel. 10 RR)
  • 09 - Glass Bowl | Sustained Version I (1 Vel. 4 RR)
  • 10 - Glass Bowl | Sustained Version II (1 Vel. 4 RR)
*RR = Recorded Round-Robin Samples
*Vel = Crossfading velocity Layers


Other kits by MA-Simon…
Silver Glockenspiel - Traditional and Bowed instrument for Kontakt
Harmonic Wineglass - 8 Atmospheric Wineglass instruments for Kontakt - Reviewed in Computer Music magazine 9/10 !!

Developer : The Unfinished

The Unfinished Breaks Vol. 1 - Dynamic, Punchy Nu Skool Loops.

The Unfinished Breaks Volume 1 is a high quality collection of 100 deep and punchy breakbeat loops. Ranging from 68-158 bpm, flexibly designed to be used in a wide variety of genres such as breaks, dubstep, drum n bass and also cinematic tracks. 50 different loop styles with two variations of bpm, effects and edits. Attention has been paid to the length of these loops. No one bar quickies are included, just solid 8 and 16 bar rhythms with well-designed breakdowns and fills. With an emphasis on production-ready quality, these signature breaks are tempo-labelled and recorded at 24 bit. WAV format and also includes Kontakt patches for tempo-synced mayhem. The pack is royalty-free and ready to drop straight into your latest project after download.

Developer : Glitched Tones
Atari Punk Console
A collection of 81 sounds recorded from an Atari Punk Console circuit. A mixture of dry and processed (delay) one shot sounds ideal for percussive elements or sound effects.
Other kits by Glitched Tones…
Circuit Bent Radical Rhythm Guitar - Sounds taken from a circuit bent toy guitar.

Developer : Yuroun Sound Design

Ambient Treasure - Inspirational Midi Files

"Ambient Treasure" is a midi pack full of lush and laid-back chord progressions that can be edited and re-arranged to your heart's content. These patterns will slot into any genre that requires a rich tonal palette, from atmospheric film and TV soundtracks, Ambient, Pop, Chillout, Breaks and Electronica. You could even up the tempo and slip them into your latest Trance masterpiece.

  • 75 x Chord Sequence MIDI files
  • 75 x Bass MIDI files
  • 5 x Kontakt 4 Pad Presets
Other Kits by Yuroun Sound Design…
Pure - Alchemy Soundset with 30 pad sounds
Ambient Chords Progressions Vol 1 - Inspirational midi-files
Trance Construction Vol 01 - Trance midi kit
Stones of Albion - Alchemy Soundset
AtmospheriC - Atmospheric ambient sounds
Odeon - Rich pads, musical soundscapes, funky basses and more
Sapphire Dream Pads - Pads for Ambient, New Age and Film

Developer : Art Renaissance Project
Bad Places - A library for Camel Audio's Alchemy
175 MB of new sample material and 90 presets for Alchemy.

Developer : Papas St Germain
Harmonic Beats, Discordant MelodiesThis latest release from Papas St Germain is an eclectic mix of tough beats, ambient pads, chords, melodic loops and combinations of beats and melodies. The sounds were sourced from drum machines, real snare hits , acoustic and electric guitars and bits and bobs such as recorders, Thai flutes and some actual flutes (played by Catherine). All sounds were then heavily processed using paulextremesoundstretch(check it out), Reaper and Pro Tools, huge amounts of analogue and digital delay, reverb, distortion and saturation. A combination of software and hardware was used….

  • The good old MPC
  • S3000XL
  • Electribe ES1
  • Alesis SR16
  • Big Muff
  • Line 6 delay
  • Holy Stain
  • PSP plug ins for EQ and compression
  • AudioDamage for extreme dub delays
Other Kits by Papas St Germain…
Domestic Elements Volume 1 - 250MB of ambient sounds created from household objects
Domestic Elements Volume 2
Ambient Guitars Volume 1 - 300MB of Ambient Guitar Samples

Developer : Les Productions Zvon

MC3A Electronic Keyboard — 90's square wave consumer keyboard
The MC-3A electronic keyboard is a digital square wave instrument. I don't know exactly how old it is but my guess is that it's roughly 20 years old. It has 12 chromatic sounds: 01- Piano 02- Saxophone 03- Pipe Organ 04- Guitar 05- Trumpet 06- Violin 07- Harpsichord 08- Jazz Organ 09- Synth 10- Cowbell 11- Oboe 12- Clarinet There's a vibrato button that has no settings, it's either on or off. I've sampled the sounds with and without vibrato. Additionally, it has rhythm styles, a bass and 5 percussion sounds: kick, conga, snare, cymbal and hi-hat. The bass and percussions are included in the set but not the rhythm styles (at least for now). All these do not sound like the acoustic instruments they're named after but more like the Sid chip, 80's and early 90's video games. Very good retro sounds for chip music (or chiptune). Technical data: - samples were recorded through the keyboard's line out at 24 bits / 44.1 khz and then converted to 16 bits. - all the notes are sampled for the sounds without sustain (piano, guitar, harpsichord, cowbell, bass), the others have 4 notes per octave. Available in wave, sfz and Native Instruments Kontakt 3.5 or better formats.

Other kits by Les Productions Zvon….
Memory Collection Pack 01 and Pack 02 - part 1 - Samples from the past
Memory Collection Pack 02 - part 2 - Samples from the past
Out There - Acoustic Jaw Harp - electronic percussion and SFX
Reed Organs - Vintage reed organs sample set