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Topic: Tuning "wanders" down

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    Tuning "wanders" down

    I'm using the 64 bit version of Aria with Windows 7. I am running Aria as a VST in Sonar Producer x1d.
    I'm using patches from GPO, JABB, and Instant Orchestra. Only 5 patches total.

    Over the course of a 3 minute song, the tuning on some of the pathces starts to go down. It seems to get progressively flat over time.

    By the end of the song the tuning is way off.

    Is this a known bug?

    Any input would be appreciated.

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    Re: Tuning "wanders" down

    I've never heard of that issue. What are some of the details of your system?


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    Re: Tuning "wanders" down

    I have had this happen occasionally on my Windows 7 64 bit i7 computer but I have found that by restarting my system all clears up. I always thought that the ram: didn't clear and that Sonar got corrupted. I don't know if these comments help or not but I offer them anyway.
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    Re: Tuning "wanders" down

    Eric, that is truly bizarre. I don't have any idea what could make samples being played back lose their tuning over time. They're the same samples being triggered throughout a piece - what could make them become detuned unless one was using MIDI controls set up in some way to purposely do that?

    I've used Sonar for years and have never had any soft synth, Garritan or otherwise, lose tuning. Something very strange is going on in that project file.

    If you haven't, you need to post this problem at the Sonar Forum. That's an extremely active place, with a large membership, and some very Sonar-savvy members always on duty to work on problems.


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    Re: Tuning "wanders" down

    Eric discovered the user-error that was causing his tuning problems. He reported what happened on a duplicate thread in Support and Technical. I'm pasting his info and my reply here in General Discussion for the sake of people searching this topic, so they can see what the solution was:

    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Lemmons View Post
    I discovered my problem. I was stupid. The MOD wheel on my external keyboard is "spring loaded". Meaning it returns to the off position automatically.
    Moving the wheel UP and DOWN affects velocity/volume. Moving the wheel left or right affects pitch.
    So, when I was recording and moved the wheel up and down, there was some slight movement left or right also. This slight movement, unintended movement left/right was causing the pitch variations.

    I decided to insert one controller event into each track to set the volume level, without using the mod wheel.
    If I don't insert such an event, Aria will have a zero volume level by default with my spring loaded lever/wheel.

    Thanks for the reply.
    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser- View Post
    Hey, that's cool you figured out what was going on, Eric.

    I have exactly that same kind of mod/lever/stick on my A-800 Pro keyboard. When I ordered it from Sweetwater, I saw that it had this spring loaded "wheel" which is so common on keyboards nowadays, and knew that wouldn't work well with Garritan Libraries.

    So I also ordered an M-Audio Expression pedal which sends out CC11. Something neat about the programming in ARIA is that it interprets Expression as Modulation, so you have exactly the same results using CC11 as you do when using CC1.

    And that set up works perfectly. For playing my instruments, I use the pedal, and the mod stick is programmed for After Touch, so I can control vibrato on the Garritan instruments that use AT for that.

    You're still going to have problems even with inserting a CC1 value at the start of the tracks - As soon as you start recording your volume control, which is something you Must do to really play the dynamics of the instruments, you'll be starting at zero and get a resulting sudden bump down - And then of course you have to maintain pressure on the lever all through your recording process - very clumsy. I recommend you add an Expression pedal to your set up...
    And I'll add to my answer here - The alternative to an Expression pedal which some people prefer, is to program a slider on a controller keyboard so it sends out either CC1 or CC11. But in any case, modern spring loaded mod controllers don't work very well for Garritan Libraries.


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