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Topic: Audio vs Gigabyte format (Newbie Question)

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    Audio vs Gigabyte format (Newbie Question)

    Hi Everyone!
    I just purchased LE, and want to get a Orchestra sample library. Queston- what will I have to do to get the Audio format CD\'s to work? Can I get them to work? They are about half the price of the Gigasampler ones, so what am I losing and gaining with one over the other? I am a newbie so I apologize if this has been covered before. Don\'t have S-convert, so AKAI is out. Thanks

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    Re: Audio vs Gigabyte format (Newbie Question)


    You have 2 choices (3 if you include robbing a bank)

    If you get an audio cd of an orchestra YOU will have to set each instrument up and configure the instruments parameters using the editor within GS. This will do 2 things, 1. Take an age 2. demotivate an eager new user to the delights of GS. There is a chap called Holgar who created a GS orchestral library and I am sure he would pass on any advice in creating your own GS library from scratch HOWEVER me being the \"why re-invent the wheel\" kind of guy would save and buy one already done.

    It really would be worth it. They do vary in price from about $199 to LOADS so shop around. Look on the Northernsounds shopping system and ask PaPa chalk for his advice.

    Of course I am a lazy SOB when it comes to fiddling with my gear I expect instant gratification and I don\'t mind paying for it. You might like twiddling knobs and buttons and stuff...

    Either way HAVE FUN


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