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Topic: Jazz Articulations

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    Jazz Articulations

    Hey guys. I just got JABB today and after getting used to it, I still do not know how to have my jazz articulations playback in Sibelius 7(fall offs, doits, etc.). I think it is because I do not understand the concept of notation instruments so any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: Jazz Articulations

    Hello, Evan

    I primarily use DAW software (Sonar) where things are more straight-forward than in notation programs. So, for instance, for accessing the articulations you want, I refer to the JABB manual, pages 86 and 87. There it shows me that MIDI Controller #15 controls falloffs, doits and kisses on the trumpets, along with a chart showing which values control which articulation. Those manual pages also have the info on using the plunger mute, and shakes. In Sonar's Piano Roll View I can access all of those controls directly, and the visual feedback on the screen guides me as I use them.

    In a notation program like Sibelius, the user doesn't work as directly with MIDI controllers. That's where the soundsets specific to a sound library come in. You probably know that - But it sounds like you may not have the Sibelius JABB soundset yet. Once that's in place, you should be able to trigger those effects with the proper notation symbols, which in turn, do the MIDI work behind the scenes for you.

    Here's the page at the Sibelius site where you can download the Garritan soundsets, including the one for JABB:



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