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Topic: Developing sounds

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    Developing sounds

    I am new to the giga sampler. I work for VRSound and we are interested in developing for the system. Our sounds are tue 3d stereo and need solid phase sync between the channels. Does the compression alter the phase between L+R in any way? Does anybody have experiences? We don\'t have a GS yet but are definetly looking into it. There are some S5000 files (.wav) on our webpage. Could anybody download them please and check them out in the GS? http://www.vrsound.com
    This would really help.

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    Re: Developing sounds

    Love too but giga doesn\'t support 22k samples such as the ones you can download from your site . also are the big samples the piano and the rhodes in wav format? otherwise giga can\'t use them. If they are akai they have to be on cdrom to convert to giga format. ALso compression is not used in giga except for on big samples like the bosendorfer piano

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    Re: Developing sounds

    Sorry I wasn\'t clear. You\'ll have to download one of the S5000 zip files. They contain 44.1 .wav files. It\'s the 8mb piano and an 8 mb Rhodes.
    Thanks for trying!

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    Re: Developing sounds

    The compression that GS uses is bitloss compression. So it\'s something like Zip. It does not alter the original samples in any way.

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    Re: Developing sounds

    Hello Franz !

    I\'ve downoladed your Fender Rhodes zip file and I did a gigafile using the 6 stereo waves. For me, it sounds ok. It\'s a nice bright rhodes with the tremolo that makes it so special. Of course with 6 samples only mapped on 1 octave each, the tremolo speed is much faster from C to B... But the stereo space is pretty wide !!! It\'s not altered in any way. Welcome in the Giga platform...
    I hope you\'ll use the full potential of Gigasampler to realise true different productions than just Akaï converted programs (using the dimensions, a unique feature of this soft you can really achieve wonders in term of playability...).

    Thank you for the samples


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    Re: Developing sounds

    Hello Bifop
    Thanks for the kind words.
    I promise to take the GS to the max plus 1.


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    Re: Developing sounds

    Franz, we\'re looking forward to the new sounds for GS.

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