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Topic: flip of a coin (jazz)

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    flip of a coin (jazz)

    This is a more traditional jazz style song. It uses JABB horns. I also used some drum loops on this and supplemented that sound with a variety of JABB percussion hits. Please give it a listen and tell me what you think.

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    Re: flip of a coin (jazz)

    wow, Jay - I'm truly in awe. This may be the best jazz recording of yours yet - aaah, but they're always so well done. Your arrangement here is sweet as honey, and your use of JABB should make all owners of that Library sit up and take notice. You can do This with your JABB, folks, if you put some time and dedication into the process.

    Thank you for a superb listening experience this warm, sunny afternoon.


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    Re: flip of a coin (jazz)

    I fully agree with Randy. Superb.


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    Re: flip of a coin (jazz)

    Hey Randy and Raymond! Thanks for the comments. I do enjoy this style of arrangement and have a lot of fun playing around with it. As always, I appreciate your taking time to listen.

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    Re: flip of a coin (jazz)

    Sometimes I simply cannot give comments. Ok, I can write a full CD text book filled with scientific nonsense, looking good because of all complicated terminology, musical theory, flow of keys, rhythm, but at the end it says nothing of how I felt about it...... I am sure you all will have this experience when you for the sake of curiosity read the content of those CD-booklets. So, just telling that you had a good time listening to his music is a greater compliment.

    That's why I just said: it is superb.!!! And after the second time, it remains wonderful and well crafted.


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    Re: flip of a coin (jazz)

    I greatly enjoyed this. I agree with Raymond: I have a hard time expressing what I feel about a piece but I thought this was great.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: flip of a coin (jazz)

    Raymond! Your "superb" comment was very much appreciated. The fact that you took time to listen to my music made my day (and I really mean that.) No elaborate comment is necessary. Thanks for listening a second time.

    Trent! Just having someone tell me that they listened to my music is a treat to me. I am glad that you enjoyed it.

    Thank you all a bunch. Jay

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    Re: flip of a coin (jazz)

    Love this one, Jay!

    I've been listening to it for a while now, at least a dozen times through. It swings gently from beginning to end and the harmonic progression is really pretty and very post-bop-ish ... a la Herbie Hancock's mid-60's compositions (Dolphin Dance??) before he discovered synths (LOL) . The ambiance contributes to this piece big-time as well ... what did you use for reverb?

    Solos were great, love the way the flugelhorn starts out. The piano comping and rhythm section supports everything throughout; nice drum accents too ... this sounds like the real deal. I know how tough it is to emulate jazz with a virtual ensemble, so great job. If there is anything that would improve this (marginally!), it would be to possibly stagger the background horn start/end times a few ticks here and there (on long note values-only), and add a little vibrato on the long notes as well. I do this on my ensemble winds (as well as making sure the cc1 data isn't too similar between horns) to try and make the longer held chord notes sound a little less accordian-like. Unfortunately, it's a time-consumming process, so I understand why most musicians don't.

    Believe me Jay, I love this "as-is" ... really nice; it's part of my permanent Garritan music library now! Keep the jazz flowing!

    Best regards,


    BTW: I always like to know the (wind) ensemble: Besides flute and flugelhorn, is it alto, tenor, bari saxes + trombone?

    PS: Went to your site ... VERY cool; great music there ... music and editing/proofing; you and your's have a nice one-stop shoping website!

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    Re: flip of a coin (jazz)

    Yo Frank! Thanks for the nice words on this. For me, the jabb flute and fluglhorn lend themselves the best for solo playing. Jabb makes them fairly easy to articulate (legato, vibrato, volume etc.) I really would like to try soloing with an alto, but I just have not gotten around to that yet. As far as the instruments go, I used flug, alto, tenor, trombone and tuba. I thought that the blend of this combination would sound decent.

    You are absolutely right about the playback variations you described, (start/stop times, cc1). Attention to these would improve the realism of the sound. And you are right about it being time consuming. To keep myself from getting bored with a piece, I have to tell myself that enough is enough in regards to rendering and it is time to move on to the next new piece.

    I have always been very cautious about adding vibrato to a section of horns. In the real world, getting a group of players to vary pitch in a somewhat uniform way can be challenging and it has never been a sound that I was fond of. Though having a lead instrument in a section using vibrato at times can sound good to me (I know I did not do that in this piece.)

    I am far from being an expert on this stuff and I pretty much just wing it by trying to emulate horn arrangement ideas from post bop and later, music.

    Thanks for visiting my site. I hope stuff still works there. I have not visited it myself for a while now.

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    Re: flip of a coin (jazz)

    Very nice and smooth!
    I am absolutely ignorant when it comes to Jazz, so I cannot judge this recording from a professional view, but it sounds very good and enjoyable!

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