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Topic: sconvert

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    Again, i agree.
    It workd pretty well. But, i cant believe it doesnt support 3.5 floppy. How many akai users have boxes of sounds on floppy. Well i do..and going through the process of burning them all onto disk...well...

    While im at it...sample wrench is a waste of time. Its like many many wav editors..
    I just dont understand why people want to reinvent the wheel. I imagine many of us are wavlab or soundforge users. You just cant go past them.


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    Re: sconvert

    Sample Wrench is included for people who don\'t have a wave editor. If you already have Sfordge or Wavelab or cool edit, you can use those instead. Just wanted to make sure you all know that you are not required to use Sample Wrench. It\'s there if you need it. Also, if you are using the full version of Sample Wrench, you can of course use it instead of the XE version we included.
    Have fun

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