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Topic: Why...

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    Please help me to understand why the Bosendorfer Grandpiano\'s filesize is 930 Megabytes. How can this be possible when it supposed to be 1.8 Gigabyte (=1800MB)?

    The piano sounds very good, but I\'m hoping that somebody would make even better one with an extra soft PP velocitylevel and one more velocitylevel between MF and F, because sometimes the F is too hard and MF is way too soft. So the total velocitylevel number should be 6 per key and of course diffirent ones with a pedal down, so 12 samples per key. This would be nice, especially sampled from Steinway D.

    The ultimatepiano collection is coming, but is there any other pianocds coming up?



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    Re: Why...

    It is lossless 2:1 compression on most of the samples. They de-compress as you play the notes. If you extract them and to a bit for bit binary compare, they are identical to the original waves so it is literally loss-less, much like pkzip. It only works on simple sustaining things like piano, bass and harp but not on complex or moving sounds. Even on the piano\'s the top notes don\'t do so well so they tend to be uncompressed.
    Take care

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    Re: Why...

    total piano should be back from the CD manufacturer within the next week!

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    Re: Why...

    The compressing came in to my mind but I thought that it would simply take too much CPU time to uncompress it in realtime, I guess not then.

    The compressing is not done automatically by Gigasamplers Instrument Editor. How can I use this compression for my own instruments?

    And Dave, is there any bigger Pianos planned?



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    Re: Why...

    Sorry, earlier I meant the velocitylevel between F and FF --- not MF and F.

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    Re: Why...

    I am also very interested in hearing how we can use the \"built-in\" compression capability with our own created gigasampler instruments. This would be extremely useful to preserve disk space.

    As for the \"bigger piano\" question, I have several questions which relate to this, but I would like to move that discussion to a more appropriately titled topic to get more inputs, and have started another thread called \"Piano Parameter Priorities\" to request some suggestions for possible piano sample set enhancements.


    Warren Trachtman

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