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Topic: Instant Orchestra and disk speed

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    Instant Orchestra and disk speed

    I have a mac mini 8G memory . The disk speed is probably 5400 RPM. Specs for Instant Orchestra say that the speed should be 7200 RPM. Is it at all possible to use Instant Orchestra with a slower disk? What would be the performance limitations?
    MacMini 8 GB, Sibelius, Reaper, GPO4, Garritan Steinway Basic

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    Re: Instant Orchestra and disk speed

    Hello, Leander

    It's the case nowadays that these large, streaming Libraries are needing higher disc speeds than in the past. 7200 RPM is recommended for optimal playback, as you've noticed. On the slower speed of 5400 RPM you'll probably have issues come up like skipped notes, a limit on polyphony, crackling, sputtering - People who are more computer savvy techie types could be more specific I'm sure.

    I'll add, however, that for a long time I used computers which were way under the recommended spec. I was determined to use GPO and Sonar despite not having the budget for updating those machines. I just adapted, putting up with struggling live playback, being content to know that once I rendered MIDI tracks to audio, they would sound fine, without the stuttering/crackling problems heard during live playback. I would work on just a handful of tracks at a time, then render those to audio ("fast bounce" in Sonar terms) and then de-activate those MIDI tracks, freeing up resources for me to work on more tracks before rendering those also to audio, and so forth. It was slow going and a bit cumbersome, but the point is, I was able to make music even when my computer wasn't up to the task of using GPO and Sonar smoothly in real time as intended.

    It's possible that if you went ahead and got IO to use on your current machine, that you would still be able to get work done, despite some technical issues that would come up.


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    Re: Instant Orchestra and disk speed

    Thank you for the good answer,
    I have no problems with rendering a few tracks at a time if needed. When I have the budget I will, of course, buy a fast external disk for my mini but they are for me rather expensive. I prefer to spend the money on IO and find out more about it. I have used GPO4 and get reasonable results but my lack of professional skills means that I have to spend a lot of time on work which has nothing to do with composing. So I will try IO as a quick and dirty alternative.
    MacMini 8 GB, Sibelius, Reaper, GPO4, Garritan Steinway Basic

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