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Topic: AO Harp vs GigaHarp

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    AO Harp vs GigaHarp

    I have been waiting for a concert harp for years. There is no doubt that the Giga Harp is vastly superior to the AO Harp. It feels \'real\'. The AO is dull in comparison. However I feel that the Giga Harp is overplucked especially in the treble. One could get around this by pulling some samples off the Gliss Harp and using them instead. I wonder if a Harpist actually plucked the strings because any harpist I know gets a sweeter sound in the high end. I know the sampling guys go for signal to noise ratio but this is crucial as it is in the piano samples. It is called voicing and is crucial to a fine instrument. I am very picky about Harps having sampled my own Troubadour Harp. Its nice to mix the AO Harp with the Giga and stereoize them. anyway I am very happy with the GigaHarp for now.

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    Re: AO Harp vs GigaHarp

    Yes. The notes around A5 are over plucked, especially in the sustain samples. It gives them an out of tune twang.

    Dave: any plans to correct this??

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    Re: AO Harp vs GigaHarp

    For starters, be sure and try both variations of the harp, 1 and 2. One is very in your face and has a lower velocity sensitivity curve and includes a few different samples. The other is more delicate and may work better. I\'ll check it out and see if there are any tweaks I can reccomend. The velocity splits can be adjusted to make them harder to hit if needed. This harp has 4 velocities per key so the very loudest one is plucked, loud as hell(intentionally, by a real harpist. Most harp music may have a lighter touch but sometimes the real loud notes may be needed and can make for very dramatic glissandos) and the other three progressively softer. The samples from the Gliss are the same ones in the melodic harps so changing samples around won\'t make much differenc. Adjusting the velocity splits and curves may help a lot.
    Take care

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