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Topic: AO Brass,Woodwind and Percussion sounds

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    AO Brass,Woodwind and Percussion sounds

    Hi everyone,
    I\'ve seen quite a bit of discussion on the Advanced Orchestra string sounds, but not much about any of the others in the cd set.
    Can someone rate the other sounds in the set?
    Some comments on the brass, woodwind, and percussion sounds, and anything else the library contains, would be very helpfull. Comparisons to the sounds in other sample cds would also be great. Also please let me know of any programming specific to the Gigasampler.

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    Re: AO Brass,Woodwind and Percussion sounds

    Hi. These are my thoughts and reactions to the “Advanced Orchestra” set. In all cases I have purchased only the audio version.
    Running through the set in order:

    1. String Ensembles
    I found the string ensembles to be generally useful, but to make them a bit more responsive, I tinkered with the envelops to make the attacks slightly less sluggish.

    2. Solo strings.
    I found these to be of limited use (for soloing) and a disappointment after the ensembles. The rather hard playing of the solo violin F lends itself to simulating someone who is not very good at playing the violin! Cheap and cheerful chamber groups, that sort of thing. The P sustain is rather nervous sounding.
    The viola is hard and nasty, the up and down strokes being slightly too short to easily loop. Again, the P sustain is nervous and has an inconsistent tremolo.
    The Cello is better played both F and P and is much more useful.
    There is no Bass. However, all the “effects” short detache spiccato, pizzicato etc. are useful, as are the con sordino. The solo espressivo again are a tad short for easy looping. The audio version contains orchestral “special effects” quite a number of which are useful.

    3. Woodwinds.
    A breath of fresh air(!). Constantly useful throughout all the instruments featured. I particularly liked the alto flute, and used it a lot for a recent project “Phantasmagoria” (See http://www.doctorwho.co.uk/main.htm. Plug over) The clarinets are contained on the end of the Brass disk (4.) on the audio version.

    4. Brass
    I found this disk frustrating. All the samples are useful, but “out of the box” the manner in which the trombones (solo and 3trombones for example) are played limits the playing style somewhat, as the attacks are a tad slow. I found that by editing the attacks (carefully in CakeWalk 8 to avoid the attacks becoming too “synthesised”) (what a lot of brackets) the brass became much more useful. When sampling, the loops have to be carefully tuned, as the manual admits that the players were not using any reference tones for tuning purposes. This is the case throughout the library. I carefully tuned the samples against the same piano sound and the result improves the overall sound considerably.

    5. Percussion and harp
    Great. Useful straight out of the box. To make the timpani single strokes work, (recorded pp mf and ff) I boosted the level of each sample so as to be the same, so that when velocity split they would voice properly at their respective volume levels. My only quibble with this set is that the ff Tam is not nearly ff enough.

    Another Siedlaczek disk you may want to try is the “Orchestra Plus (edition 4)” which contains String (pad) ensembles ff/pp string/horn (combined) ff/pp and some percussion including a decent Tam stroke. (No anvil however) Again the string envelops have to be massaged to make them more expressive but this I have found to be a very useful disk. It is the first one I bought.

    I hope this is of use and that you don’t find my comments too judgmental. I am currently investigating the Vitas disks, (available for the Gigasampler, I don’t know about the Siedlaczek library) and have heard the impressive demos, but need to hear more brass solo/ensemble demos before committing to my first disk as they are rather expensive, but the price I feel reflects the quality.

    Alistair Lock

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    Re: AO Brass,Woodwind and Percussion sounds

    Would you mind going into a little more detail about what you did to get Advanced Orchestra to work from the Audio Format? I am brand new to Gigasampler and want to purchase this set in this format (I own GS LE, so I\'m on a budget) and would appreciate any help. I am especialy interested in what you did to modify the envlopes, loop points, etc.

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    Re: AO Brass,Woodwind and Percussion sounds

    WHATEVER YOU DO DONT GET THE AUDIO VERSION !!! I\'m serious.. you\'ll have months and months of hard work of converting the sounds to useful patches if you\'re not experienced with this. Getting things sound like it does in the gigasampler version is very hard with the little experience you say you have, so I advice you... SAVE and get the giga version, unless you\'re willing to spend months of building it up yourself (maybe not even achieving a good result).

    Just helping..


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