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Topic: Pedal Steel

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    Pedal Steel

    Anyone know of a dedicated pedal steel sample library (a lá Gigaharp). Looking for something that would let me replicate the sound of a pedal steel very authentically (with contrary/oblique motion bends perhaps being imitated by invoking various MIDI controllers for example).

    Or am I gonna have to buy one of the expensive and heavy beasts??? :-)



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    Re: Pedal Steel

    The only things right now are the Steel pedal patches that come with Quantum Leap Gutiars and from Whole Lotta Country from Sampleheads. There shall be in the late future what you are looking for (that I know of) but it\'s a ways off. If anyone else is working on this, let us all know.
    Take care

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    Re: Pedal Steel

    I did some pedal dobro samples for a steel guitarist here in Atlanta a few years ago, (we never sampled his steel unfortunately), but had a MIDI interface on his steel guitar that had a pitch to MIDI note converter for each of the ten strings. Each string was therefore assigned to its own MIDI channel and could have it\'s own pitch bend and velocity response settings. The contrary bends were very smooth when played from the steel\'s MIDI interface but I\'m not quite sure how you would achieve the same thing from a keyboard performance. Except maybe to play part of the chords on one MIDI channel with upward bends and then overdub the rest on another channel with the downward bends. Anyone else have suggestions for this performance dilemma? I\'d be glad to hire a steel player and do samples, but until I find a reasonable way to perform them from a keyboard, I can\'t justify the expense! Jim

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    Re: Pedal Steel

    Another trick that will work for keyboard based steel emulation to use a Digitech Whammy pedal. I used to do this with a Digitech GSP 2101 (with footpedal, which included the Whammy option; you could use a Whammy separately). There were several patches that would sample one pitch, keeping it contant, and allow another pitch to be bent at the same time. With a little practice it was pretty good, even with the only fair steel patch that came with my Ensonic synth. With Whole lotta Country, it might be even better. Just a thought.


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