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Topic: Brass Library?

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    Brass Library?

    Some time ago (when the old forum page was still running) someone posted a note about a brass library he was making. I think it consisted of solo trumpet, trombone and frenchhorn. Now I\'d be interested in getting in touch with this person. If you are here, please email me at jzjz@online.no.

    Thanks alot.

    (btw if anyone sells their personally recorded orchestral samples here, please contact me for interesting trades/sales.)

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    Re: Brass Library?

    I a percussionist in the Memphis Symphony Orchestra and band director. I use gigasampler and cubase vst24 to compose and arrange. I am getting ready to do a really big recording project of percussion instruments. Let me know if you would be interested! Here are some of the instruments I am planning on sampling...

    5 octave marimba one rosewood marimba

    Fall creek wide bar symphonic glockenspeil

    4 1/2 octave Adams wide bar xylophone

    Lang/Gladstone 7 x 14 maple snare drum (calf heads and gut snares)

    6 1/2 x 14 Ludwig hand hammered bronze snare drum (calf heads and cable snares)

    Grover 6\" and 9\" symphonic triangles
    Alan Abel 4\" and 6\" symphonic triangles

    Grover German silver, Copper, and silver and copper combination tamborines

    Equilibrium log drums (set of 7)

    and lots more

    All instruments are owned by myself or the school I work for and all samples will be played by myself. I am going to make several playing styles such as different mallets as well as cres. (long med and short) decres. (long med and short) and every instrument will have at least 3 velocity switches. As far as the marimba, xylo, and glock I plan to sample EVERY note at every dynamic so they will be HUGE but very musical. I am planning on starting this project very soon (as soon as Alesis releases their new Masterlink recording unit). Also any suggestions on what sample rate would be most popular? 44 or 48? AND if anyone has any other styles they would like to see let me know.

    Let me know if you have any other questions

    * I am not trying to advertise here or anything. At this point I don\'t even know if I will charge anything for these samples. It really depends on how they turn out and how much time I end up putting in to them. IF I do end up charging something for it it would only be to cover expenses and shipping.

    [This message has been edited by donnie (edited 09-08-1999).]

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    Re: Brass Library?

    Hi Donnie. Sounds very interesting!! Especially snares, loads of rolls and different neuances would be great!
    Also if you have time you could try and do an usuable bassdrum (as i have yet to hear a decent sampled bassdrum). The bassdrum on AO just plainly sucks. There\'s no bass at all :=)

    Anyway this sounds very interesting, keep us posted!

    BTW: I\'m still looking for that mysterious brass sample man.. so if you\'re out there please contact me.


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    Re: Brass Library?

    BTW Donnie, if you have access to some anvils ... I\'d love to have a couple of samples of decent hammered anvil hits with the ambience of the orchestra hall!(composing filmmusic style, action


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    Re: Brass Library?

    Donnie- Thanks for planning to create what sounds like a great percussion collection. Keep us all informed as you progress.

    Also- I emailed the \"mysterious brass sample man\" mentioned here a couple of months back. Though he had expressed interest in selling a self-recorded brass library for Giga, he later wrote that he had decided *not* to sell the project, even though he had completed production. Bummer!

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    Re: Brass Library?

    The anvil idea sounds cool Thomas. I\'d love to see a celeste too - I don\'t know of any sampled celestes at all. I guess finding a good instrument is a problem.

    Donnie, the only other suggestion I would make is not to mic the instruments too close. Ideally in a good hall too. I find ambient samples blend much better in a fake orchestra setting than close-micd.

    - Chris Beck

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    Re: Brass Library?

    Donnie: I\'d like to compare note if you would care to e-mail me... jphardy@mindspring.com

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    Re: Brass Library?

    I like Chris Beck\'s suggestion. You can also have close and far mics at the same time and have two settings to choose from, or use the layer feature(phase locked) to mix between them in realtime. I reccomend at least trying to record 4 tracks (close and ambient) and 24 bit if possible to cover your bases. 44 would be the simplist sample rate to use. 48 is usually handy for compatibility with 48k machines but in the sampling world, life will go smoother at 44
    Dave of NemeSys

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    Re: Brass Library?

    Gosh I am really pleasently suprised at all the interested responses. Thanks for all the input I have access to all of the instruments you guys mentioned. As a matter of fact I have several anvils to chose from that we use in the symphony as well as some brake drums that I will also add. The concert bass drum I am going to sample is a 16 x 38 Yamaha with calf heads on a very nice suspended stand. As luck would have it my dad runs the local civic auditorim in my hometown and I will record all the samples there (thanks for the idea about sampling them in a hall; I would have done them dry had you not suggested it). If anyone has any more requests just ask and I probably have it!


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    Re: Brass Library?

    I think it is admirable that donnie would take on such a project. There is still a gapping hole in the Orchestral Sampling world when it comes to quality percussion samples. The lack of variety seems to be the big problem.

    >Lang/Gladstone 7 x 14 maple snare drum >(calf heads and gut snares)
    >6 1/2 x 14 Ludwig hand hammered bronze snare >drum (calf heads and cable snares)

    I have not come across a set of quality snare samples on any library, yet.. It would be a kick if you were able to sample these snares in a fair size room with a bit of ambience, including:

    - Standard flam/drag strokes
    - Rolls (maybe one with a starting hit, another with a crescendo, and last an extended long-roll)
    - Strokes w/ the snare off (sound great with natural ambience of a Hall)
    - Muffled or Muted Snare samples.

    Naturally as far as dynamics go, i think for classical use the (p) or (pp) variety might be more suitable while the all-out, wall-to-wall f or ff rolls and hits can find many uses in film scoring. Think Basil Poledouris\'s Starship Troopers.

    -Grover German silver, Copper, and silver and -copper combination tamborines

    This would very nice..

    -and lots more...

    Suggestion could include Tubular Bells, Rattle, Slapstick, along with the Anvil that others mentioned.


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