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Topic: Mahler: Resurrection (Symphony #2), 1st mvmnt

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    Mahler: Resurrection (Symphony #2), 1st mvmnt

    Dear friends,

    a new recording, and you shall be the first ones to hear it.

    This is the first movement of Gustav Mahler's Symphony #2.
    My most ambitious rendition so far. Five instances of ARIA players, 66 tracks. Brings my computer to its limits, and sometime during replay there are crackles in the sound - fortunately these disappear when the sound is bounced to tracks into the final recording.

    All sounds are with Garritan GPO4 only.


    Some more work to do: the tempo is not yet right, some sound balance needs to be changed, and there may be the odd wrong note.
    I hope you enjoy this nevertheless.

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    Senior Member Frank D's Avatar
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    Re: Mahler: Resurrection (Symphony #2), 1st mvmnt

    Wow, Reinhold ... just stunning!

    I know I shouldn't be surprised at this point, but I'm still amazed at just how beautiful these Garritan libraries can sound when expertly utilized ... and that is what you have done here ... just an amazing performance and rendering.

    Beyond all the obvious pains of creating all the instrumental performances for each part for such a massive work, your ambiance is spot-on. What reverb did you use?; the rendering is stellar. Was this created in a notation program or DAW? How long did this take? ... my God ... over 21 minutes of orchestral music! The last five minutes were really neat; the whole piece is so great.

    Thanks for sharing this one; very enjoyable.

    Best regards,


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    Re: Mahler: Resurrection (Symphony #2), 1st mvmnt

    Thank you very much, Frank, for your kind words!

    I began with this in January, then stopped work in it for 3 months, completed it within the last month then. I would have to check my sequencer and add all the time spent on editing. Is probably something around 150-200 hours.

    I am using the sequencer Sonar, v8.53. Due to upgrade to Sonar X, but I was waiting until this project was done. No other audio equipment, just the PC with its built-in sound card, using ASIO drivers.
    Regarding the ambiance: I use the standard Concert Hall 1 reverb that is present in the ARIA player, and actually set it to max on each individual MIDI channel (controller #91). This is a bit taxing on the audio processing engine, but seems to sound fine.

    The symphony has 4 more movements: I already got the 4th movement (is very short), 2nd and 3rd should be not very difficult, but the 5th one is a real major challenge: even more brass (basically a 2nd orchestra), plus solo singers and choir. Not sure how I would render these... is there any Garritan Personal Choir/Vocals available?


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    Re: Mahler: Resurrection (Symphony #2), 1st mvmnt

    My dear Reinhold,

    Since starting my day about an hour ago, I've been looking forward to dropping you a message here on your new thread. Now that I'm here - there's really only one word and its synonyms which can suggest my reaction to your Mahler rendering:



    I turned up the speakers last night and listened to the movement, completely captivated. "Resurrection" is a favorite piece for me - I have an excellent condition vinyl copy of the symphony, but haven't listened to it in years. Last night I had the opportunity to let Mahler sweep me along again, thanks to your superb rendition of his piece.

    Frank has already waxed eloquent in response to the remarkable experience of hearing your work. All I can add is DITTO for me!--His words are perfectly suited to the way I felt in the wake of listening.

    I love these moments at the Forum when we all have the chance to remember, once again, just how incredible GPO can be when used by such a strong talent as you, Reinhold.

    I humbly THANK YOU for this experience.


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    Re: Mahler: Resurrection (Symphony #2), 1st mvmnt

    This is one incredible sounding piece of music. Your rendering of this is art in itself. I am not usually a symphony listening person but this knocked me out of my chair. I see that you spent a great deal of time with this and from my listening perspective, I am glad that you did. This will be a benchmark for me for any future symphonic ventures that I may pursue. Thank you very much for this post. Jay

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    Re: Mahler: Resurrection (Symphony #2), 1st mvmnt

    Dear Randy, dear Jay,

    thank you for your kind comments! I am very glad that this "rendition" is well received.

    Most praise of course must go to the composer - it is simply amazing how Mahler put this music together. All I am doing is to re-create it with the means available.
    And yes, the GPO samples are an excellent tool, and one can work very well with it to create a realistic musical result.

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    Re: Mahler: Resurrection (Symphony #2), 1st mvmnt

    I finally had enough time to listen to all of this movement. I enjoyed it very much. When I attend concerts and the music is well performed, I just listen and absorb the aesthetics of the music. If the performance is weak or if the music is not very good, I find myself analyzing the problems with the music or the performers. I am pleased to say that I just listened and enjoyed this piece --- just the same as a good live performance. Thank you for sharing your work and I am looking forward to hearing all of the movements in their completely finished form.


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    Cool Re: Mahler: Resurrection (Symphony #2), 1st mvmnt

    you got it again...

    Injecting life in your rendering...it's an artistic performance, no doubt.

    One day for sure, not only famous conductors will be recording, but people like you as well would tell something about score interpretation.

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    Re: Mahler: Resurrection (Symphony #2), 1st mvmnt

    Dear Norman, dear Fabio,

    thank you for your kind comments!

    I am glad that the "performance" was not boring for you, and that it was engaging and enjoyable. To be honest, I do find some problems in some of the timings of this current recording, it is not yet completely consistent. But this is so difficult to achieve, as I myself often change my mind on how it should be. Sometimes I think some parts should be slower (this happens often when I am actually very alert), sometimes I prefer it played faster (this can happen when I am a bit tired and want to accelerate). Since the timing is programmed (through drawing onto the tempo map), it is not very direct and is a try-and-error procedure.

    Yes, the score needs to be interpreted; I try to stay exactly true to the given instructions, playing forte and piano as noted in the different instruments. Then of course it is a matter of interpretation, how much forte and how much piano...

    Yesterday I upgraded my system finally to Sonar X; everything before then was recorded in Sonar 8.53. The new software seems to work fine.

    Next work: movement 2 of Symphony #2; but also tempting is Symphony #4...

    My goal: to record all of Mahler's symphonies.

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    Re: Mahler: Resurrection (Symphony #2), 1st mvmnt

    this will be one of my favourite interpretations of the "Resurrection".
    I'm not joking.
    I love the tempo, the layered sections, the transparency of the lines.
    A little complaint on the first bars of the bass-celli tune at the beginning: I feel too much reverb around it with phrasing becoming not that clear.

    the 5th one is a real major challenge: even more brass (basically a 2nd orchestra), plus solo singers and choir. Not sure how I would render these... is there any Garritan Personal Choir/Vocals available?
    To support such an effort we can all sing live for you until a Garritan Personal Chorus will be available.

    And now, back to listening...
    Arrigo Beyle / Milanese / Lived, wrote, loved -- Stendhal
    Being Italian is a full-time job -- B. Severgnini

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