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Topic: another question about gigs in general

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    another question about gigs in general

    If i have the BOB Clearmountain cd for example. Lets say i build up a kit using selected the supplied drum voices. Is there a way of saving that \"combination\". Just the data..not all the wavs. So that if another person had the cd on their harddrive..they could load my \"combination\" and replicate my kit?

    My understanding is that gs saves the GIG file that contains all the wavs etc..

    If you think i\'m sounding confused..its because i am.

    blurred regards

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    Re: another question about gigs in general

    It\'s true that GS actually makes a duplicate of the wav files and incorporate them into gig format. As far as your other point is concerned, well the Roland S-760 can do this . It stores perfomance patches comprising wav files that might be shared with other performance patches. The beauty of this is that you can alter LFO and EG parameters in the peformance menu without affecting or writing the actual wav files. Unfortunately, this concept can\'t be applied to GS (just yet).

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    Re: another question about gigs in general

    If the issue is saving the performance for another person, yes, you’re out of luck. However, if want to create various performances for yourself, you can set them up as additional instruments in the same gig file. They will use the same wav files, but can have different envelope, controller, dimension, etc. settings.

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    Re: another question about gigs in general

    This feature will be called an Articulation file. It\'s a future feature. For now, to save space, you can create multiple instrument variations within a single .gig file that all share the same waves.
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