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Topic: Yamaha DX7 Patch

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    Yamaha DX7 Patch

    Does anybody know where I can find
    a good sounding DX7 from Yamaha?

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    Re: Yamaha DX7 Patch

    Do you mean, \"where can you can find an actual DX7\" or \"where can you get Gigasamples of a DX7\"? <p> If you need samples, I need to know which sound or sounds you\'re looking for. I have a DX7 and can create samples of any of the patches I have. <p> Let me know, <p> Jim

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    Re: Yamaha DX7 Patch

    Sorry about the <p>\'s. I guess HTML doesn\'t work here?

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    Re: Yamaha DX7 Patch

    I mean Gigasamples of a DX7. I am talking about the classic DX7 sound, the one you heard a lot in songs, back in the eighties.
    If you like I can email you an MP3 file with
    an example of the sound I mean. It would be
    really nice, if you could sample the DX7.
    I\'m sure I\'m mot the omly one, that\'s interested.

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    Re: Yamaha DX7 Patch

    Hi Splenter,
    Yes please send a short example to jimboling@mindspring.com! I believe you\'re probably talking about the classic electric piano sound, but I\'d like to be sure. One thing that made the DX7 such a great performance synth was the timbral changes that occur at different velocities. No sample will ever completely mimic this but in the past I\'ve been limited to only 4 vel/sw levels, I\'ll try doing 8 or more on the GS. It should be interesting to see what happens. I\'ve also got several old ARP, Moog, and Oberheim synthesizers that I\'ll be doing extensive sampling from, plus over 200 S-1000 disks from my 20 years of sampling that I\'ll eventually be converting to Giga format. It\'s going to take a while and be a lot of work, but I\'ll let you know when it\'s ready. Jim B.

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