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Topic: Problems ccconverting Virtuoso Strings

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    Problems ccconverting Virtuoso Strings

    I have had a topic running on the \"Software Issues\" page re the above. Anyone witha bright idea on how to solve the problem, have a look on the Software forum, regards James Hall Musician/Composer.

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    Re: Problems ccconverting Virtuoso Strings

    I have been ready to buy the Virtuoso Strings for a while now, but his makes me a little nervous. Did you say you have an EIV? Have you tried them on that? I would be interested to know if the AKAI samples translate well --although I would prefer to be able to use them on GS fully.

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    Re: Problems ccconverting Virtuoso Strings

    Yes I have tried them on the EIV and they dont load correctly but the Akai version comes with a note from Ilio to this effect and tells EIV owners to order the EOS version. Neither Nemesys or Ilio seem bothered with the problem, worse luck.

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