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Topic: Re-installing GPO4 Question

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    Re-installing GPO4 Question

    Hi there,

    Is there a way to re-install just the GPO4 VST Plug-in with out having to re-install the entire library eveytime? I have just done an OS (Windows 7 x64 ) re-install and from past experience there doesn't seem to be an easy way to re-install GPO without having to do the complete full install. I would appreciate any help on this matter although I have a feeling it can't be done.


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    Re: Re-installing GPO4 Question

    81 views and no solutions. I guess that means you need to do a total re-install very time. Also if you change the drive letter of your sample drive there seems to be no way to re-direct the sample path from within GPO4.Total re-install is always needed..


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    Re: Re-installing GPO4 Question

    I always do a total re-install as it usually does take more than 5 minutes.


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    Re: Re-installing GPO4 Question

    There is a way of defining a new location for the libraries but it involves editing the Windows Registry.
    Quite a bit of editing to the registry, much more than, for example, IO.

    I can tell you more if you're interested.

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