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Topic: Bob Clearmountain 2 problems

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    Bob Clearmountain 2 problems

    hi there,

    just got my copy of B Clearmountain Drums.
    Can\'t seem to figure a few things out.
    First of all, i load the snares and when i hit the notes on the keyboard, i see the midi indicator trigure and the lead lights flicker and yet no sound. Other snares sound as per usual though. Sometimes i have no sound until i lift my modulator arm?

    Is there something i need to do to reset all voices or something. Surely the drum samples should trigger from the keyboard without any controller info.

    Does anyone own this cd. What did you do to set up kits. Just select all the components and then build your own gigas?

    Strange, i thought that there would be kits all soughted out. Big Rock kit, acoustic kit, yu know..gretch kit, yam kit, etc.
    No big deal i suppose.

    Cant figure all the midi stuff. What/How do i approach all this?



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    Re: Bob Clearmountain 2 problems

    i have no prob with this disc -- it\'s why i sold my EIV for giga. (since then i\'ve had problems converting bolder sounds eclectic -- some zones are off-pitch. hopefully this will be resolved soon.)

    what problem are you having?

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    Re: Bob Clearmountain 2 problems

    The individual instrument audition kits (such as the snares) should play the dry samples when you bring it up. The mod wheel is supposed to bring in the ambient samples gradually so you can mix them. There isn\'t a huge selection of kits since the main mixing kit contains most of the entire library. You have to set up some MIDI controllers (see help file) to access everything. You can mix the dry and ambient levels of the toms, snares and kicks, select the beater of the kicks with the mod wheel, change cymbal sizes or brands etc all on a single MIDI channel. The mixing of levels is also on the GM kit using the same controllers. For the few kick drums and a couple snares that are not in the main mixing kit, you can load the snare or kick audition kits to a couple other MIDI channels and you will have every available sample at your disposal.
    Have fun

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    Re: Bob Clearmountain 2 problems

    are you talking about the giga version or the akai version? i think the original poster was having trouble converting the akai version. (i had no trouble converting the akai drums II disc, but am having problems converting bolder sounds eclectic -- some of the zones are way off key. is there a new version of s-converter out soon? i sure wish it would convert a whole CD at a whack.)

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    Re: Bob Clearmountain 2 problems

    I agree;
    S-converter should be more succesful cos there are lots of users (like myself, for instance) who have huge collection of AKAI cd-roms and do not want to spend couple of 1000$ bills on buying same libraries in giga format?

    Hey Dave, will there be some progress in GS 2.0 regarding the S-converter?

    Also would be good to publish the list of AKAI cd-roms which do not convert properly (for now, I hope)


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    Re: Bob Clearmountain 2 problems

    Anyone have a Studioware panel for Clearmountain Drums?

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