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Topic: Performance Question using AO library

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    Performance Question using AO library

    I\'ve run into an interesting performance problem running AO and wander if Holger, Dave at Nemesys or anyone else has seen it. I\'m writing an orchestral score using AO and have used some long drum rolls from the orchestral percussion patch. They work fine until I get more than 11 midi channels active; then they drop out after an initial burst. I\'m running a 500 Mhz PIII, 256 MB of Mem a dual channel Ultra-SCSI controller with 7500 RPM Ultra-SCSI drives and an Aardvark 20/20 so hopefully it\'s not system related. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Performance Question using AO library

    I know the polyphony problem on GS 1.2 - cutting voices when playing layers and/or mono-stereo samples mixed. Many AO GIG´s have crosfade layers, so with 1.2 massive problems appeared. With GS 1.6 is fixed now, but it seems to be another, less massive polyphony problem. I run a system like yours (P450) and reported klicks to dave fo a week when play piano with piano hold down. TI guess he problem is, when GS runs out of polyphony the cutting of voices is handled bad, so clicks appear. If you drive 11 channels and drum rolls I am shure you exceed the 32 stereo voices of the system, and the cutting of voices causes the noises.

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    Re: Performance Question using AO library

    It will be interesting to hear feedback from Nemesys if they happen to read this. I am using 1.6 so everyting is the latest.

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    Re: Performance Question using AO library

    One other interesting piece of data for Holger...I am running the \'KEY\" versions as opposed to the XFD versions.

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    Re: Performance Question using AO library

    the key versions are all simple mappings, playing a key consumes 2 voices (stereo). The solo brass and woodwind sounds are mono. The XFD versions would consume 4 voices per key and therefore reduce the overall polyphony to 16. So your system should perform at least 32 voices! Again, the cutting of old voices in case of overload is managed bad by GS in my opinion.

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    Re: Performance Question using AO library

    Try and count the amount of notes your using. Chances are, as Holger said, with 11 Channels of stereo instruments, you may be running out of polyphony.
    Take care

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