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Topic: Is Gigasampler just sample playback?

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    Is Gigasampler just sample playback?

    Is Gigasampler just a sample playback machine, or can you stick a mic in (to your sound card), and record your own samples? What sort of files does the Gigasampler read?
    If I record stuff on Ensoniq Paris, can I load a two bar loop, for example, into Gigasampler? Also, is it compatible with Recycle!?

    Thanks very much

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    Re: Is Gigasampler just sample playback?

    The GS is essentially a playback sampler since it doesn\'t have any option to record sounds directly into the software. What it does is import wav files, manipulate these sounds using an editor and convert them into GIG samples.
    Thus, you can use any audio editor to record sounds from analog sources or from digital devices (like the CD or DAT). The quality of the samples recorded from analog sources would depend on the quality of the A/D converter of your soundcard.

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    Re: Is Gigasampler just sample playback?

    I was told that it is not possible to directly use Recycle with GS, because GS cannot read .REX (yet! It would be a great feature for future versions though)

    There are two options:

    1. Export via SCSI / MIDI (not recommended) to an external sampler, adjust tempo / sounds etc, send it back as .wav or convert it to .wav with something like Sound Forge. After a days work, you should be able to finally play your loop with GS.

    2. Export your .REX directly into Cubase VST, which can read it. (It\'s the only thing I use VST for, for HD rec I use Logic Audio) This way you don\'t need an external sampler and you can save it as .wav after you did your thing.

    Anyhow, if you decide to change something, you still have to work \"offline\". So maybe REX should be supported next upgrade. (?)

    Good luck,

    Daddy Pop

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    Re: Is Gigasampler just sample playback?

    In recycle you can save your cut up loop as wav files and use them right away in GS. There is no need to use rex files.

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    Re: Is Gigasampler just sample playback?

    Thats Correct I use recycle all the time with giga, save all my loops to wav.
    works great.

    PaPa Chalk

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