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Topic: impact...effects...suggestions please

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    impact...effects...suggestions please

    HEllo users,

    im in the middle of a project that requires
    impact introductions. Im looking for sound effects, bangs, synth stabs with tails..anything that has a sharp attack..
    they are for media tracks. Anybody know of a QUALITY product out there...preferably new or fresh. Help would be appreciated. Does not bother me if it is not GS formatted. Either wav, akai or GS.
    By the way...i use advanced orch and strings that i believe were done by Holger. Well done.


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    Re: impact...effects...suggestions please

    hi twang,

    nice to hear you are happy with AO-GS!
    FX: we wanted to create a double action pack from our libraries X-FX and the new action cutz, but I was afraid nobody needs such material for Gigasampler...
    The soundz on this CD´s really bites! Maybe to think about a release...

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    Re: impact...effects...suggestions please


    i\'d be really keen. Perhaps we could come to an arrangement. If its worth your time, id be interested to purchase a cd from you directly of such material. I am in need of such material ASAP.

    What do you think.

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    Re: impact...effects...suggestions please

    Holger if you want to do a one off then
    heres my email-doesnt have to be printed
    and pretty.


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