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Topic: Pianos again... Bosendorfer - or Steinway B Grand Piano

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    Pianos again... Bosendorfer - or Steinway B Grand Piano

    I\'ve asked this one earlier, but I didn\'t get an answer...

    Bosendorfer Grand Piano or Steinway B Grand Piano?

    Which one would you prefer?

    I haven\'t heard the real ones and I don\'t know are there big differences between them. Could somebody describe the sounds a little?
    I have the sampled Bosendorfer in my Akai, and the sound is pretty fat, and \'hard\'. And of course this one is way too small (6.8 MB) to get the job done, there is only about 6 MF samples and about 3 P samples.

    All that I demand is realism, realism, realism and dynamic samples. It would be used in my solo piano concertoes...

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    Re: Pianos again... Bosendorfer - or Steinway B Grand Piano

    A good start is to ask yourself which you prefer in real life, a Steinway or Bosendorfer. Both the libraries are created by the same guy and are of equal quality and represent those two pianos as close as anything to date. I\'m no piano expert but as far as I can tell, the only difference between these libraries is in the different sound of the actual pianos themselves and not a quality difference between the two. Perhaps others can give feedback on what they like.
    Take care
    Dave of NemeSys

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    Re: Pianos again... Bosendorfer - or Steinway B Grand Piano

    Well, that was a part of my question, that somebody could describe the sounds, because I know very little about the actual diffirences of the real ones.


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    Re: Pianos again... Bosendorfer - or Steinway B Grand Piano

    If you can wait short time, you will find a brilliant and great sounding classical piano on the upcoming total piano library from peter siedlazcek. I optimized the classical piano for use with GS. It has more \"sound\", brightness and dynamic response then the big piano libraries. Mastering of the Lib is this weekend, shipping in approx. 2-3 weeks. Additional on the lib is a bright pop piano for modern arrangements and lots of experimental sounds as well as space pianos, rubber sounds and harpsichord styled things. And Effects. If somebody is interested, please send a mail to me, we maybe will arrange a short demo as mp3.

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    Re: Pianos again... Bosendorfer - or Steinway B Grand Piano

    How much the price will be?

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    Re: Pianos again... Bosendorfer - or Steinway B Grand Piano

    the price ( two CD-ROM´s, 1.4 Gb) will be approx. 200 EUR / $, check www.bestservice.de or east west for details. The brilliant classical piano consumes approx. 260 Mb. Mastering really is this weekend...

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    Re: Pianos again... Bosendorfer - or Steinway B Grand Piano

    I\'ve said it before, but here goes: I have all three piano samples and I\'ve played piano (mostly classical) all my life. The Steinway is by far the best sound if you are looking for complete realism. I\'ve played a real BOS; the sample doesn\'t do it justice. The Steinway is the way to go, if a genuine recorded piano sound is what you want (something which, when played through a good realtime or mide arrangement will be indistinguishable from a good recorded piano sound). The Gigapiano and the BOS are on a par with Coakley\'s stuff, the Steinway is the benchmark.

    Having said that, anyone who has used the sample will tell you that it can be improved. Let\'s hope that even better stuff is on the way. I don\'t think Peter\'s new mix is designed to go head to head with the Steinway. I have in mind another Truan Steinway with a softer pp and, perhaps, with the damper pedal, some string resonance, and a bit of hall reverb built into the sample.

    Happy Hunting,


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    Re: Pianos again... Bosendorfer - or Steinway B Grand Piano

    Damnit. Please, people, make some mp3 samples from the pianos (BOS and STEINW), I\'ll freak out soon. Please...

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    Re: Pianos again... Bosendorfer - or Steinway B Grand Piano

    Piano tone/character is greatly a matter of personal preference. Because of this, I agree that hearing the actual samples is the only way to go.
    By request, I have converted my Steinway-C samples to native Gigasampler format.
    I have MP3 demo files available so that you can audition the sound.
    Details and demo are at: http://www.trachtman.org/pianosounds
    The full 5-strike layer gigasampler format file is 1.05Gigabytes, but I have a much reduced 23MB version which I would be happy to arrange to let interested folks download and try. When compressed, it is about 8MB, which will require me to make special arrangements, so contact me if you want to download the demo gigaversion. A lot is lost in the small version, but it will give you a taste of this particular piano\'s tone.

    I also have a page available for hosting piano comparison MP3 files. If anyone having the Bosendorfer or Stein-B sample CDs wants to create a comparison MP3, I will include it. This allows people to hear the exact same demo MIDI file played with various sample sets. This, I believe, is the best way to determine which piano set you may prefer.


    Warren Trachtman http://www.trachtman.org/pianosounds

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    Re: Pianos again... Bosendorfer - or Steinway B Grand Piano

    I ordered your Steinway C library for gigasampler already, but as i think about it, there are no separate samples for damper pedal up and down, or the \'sympathetic resonance\' of other libraries. Still, I think the price is good !

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