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Topic: Just got AO: Kudos to Holger

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    Just got AO: Kudos to Holger

    I pick up the AO set this weekend. I must say that Holger did an excellent job programing this library. At first I was a little baffled about the sharp release times, however once I recorded the instruments dry in VST and added some TC Reverb, I was in awe. The sound is beautiful. I don\'t know what all the hoopla over Vitous is, but the AO strings are great! Especially if you have some external (or DSP) FX. My only problem with the library is the cymbal sounds, I can\'t find a good suspended cymbal. Some of them sound good, until the release, then it does some kinda weird sound. Its like the cybmal goes into auto pan, or some type of wah wah effect. It doesn\'t sound to natural. I am using everything straight out the box, no edits yet. So maybe I can fix this. Bottom line is it cost a pretty penny, but I am satisfied none the less.

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    Re: Just got AO: Kudos to Holger

    thanx! glad to hear this!

    Cymbals: try to mix the different cyms to get a phatter sound, worx good in arrangement...

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