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Topic: Advanced Orchestra Confusion

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    Advanced Orchestra Confusion

    Can someone enlighten a newbie about the different versions of AO, please?

    The set I know of is advertised as \"Peter Siedlaczek\'s Advanced Orchestra\" and comes in volumes 1 to 5. I am thinking of buying volumes one and two (String Ensembles and Solo Strings) which seem to have a generally good vote here. (I just need strings on the GS for now.)

    However I have seen a message (from Bill, \"AO Stings\", posted 07-19-1999 02:16 PM) in which he reports being dazed and confused (and, I think, misled) about the contents - very limited solo strings. Did Bill buy another set of CD\'s?

    Many thanks,

    Richard Cox.

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    Re: Advanced Orchestra Confusion

    The Advanced Orchestra GS contains all the sounds you find on the 5 CD-ROM´s for AKAI/E-mu, but with many improvements and GS-specific programming like key dimension mapping. All strings have additional legato versions now, percussion are available as big sets and some bonus string ensembles are available: Vibrato strings, created from the upgrade 97 library and smooth sustain strings, taken from orchestral colors.

    The \"only\" strings package for GS contains all string ensembles and additional the most needed solo strings.

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    Re: Advanced Orchestra Confusion

    Thanks, Holger.

    So if I buy the first two CD\'s from the GS version of Advanced Orchestra I will get all of the good string stuff. However, I can only see the GS version of the full 5 CD set. Can I buy just the string CD\'s?

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    Re: Advanced Orchestra Confusion

    what do you mean with \"good stuff\"?
    Again: You can buy the strings seperately (all ensembles and the most needed solo´s) or the whole AO GS package which contains additional the special solo strings play techniques and a big selection of brass, woodwinds and percussion!

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    Re: Advanced Orchestra Confusion

    Thanks again, Holger. I understand, now. I wanted to avoid buying the whole set, but it seems a better idea to do that in order to get the full set of string samples.

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    Re: Advanced Orchestra Confusion

    To Rpldcox

    I work for ETCETERA in the UK..We were thinking of buying AO (full set) to sell in the UK..as well as other libraries..ie Will Lee, Erskine Drums etc..

    Is this something you would be interested in..



    ps.. I apologise if this infringe\'s any rules of the site.

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    Re: Advanced Orchestra Confusion

    hi kia,

    contact klaus kandler at www.bestservice.de if you want to resell AO GS. I am not shure - it is possible thah time and space is the distributor for best service products in UK.

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    Re: Advanced Orchestra Confusion

    Why is it that AO for GS isn\'t sold as separate volumes as before? Or, since the strings are sold separately, why not offer the rest of the library as a package?

    Some of us can\'t afford to lay out $900 in one shot!

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    Re: Advanced Orchestra Confusion


    Do you mean that you will be offering AO on CDs available separately? This would be very interesting to me.


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    Re: Advanced Orchestra Confusion

    Hi Guys

    EtCetera are one of the UK distributers for Gigasampler.

    The other is Turnkey in London. I am using GS myself and as such concede that a sampler is only as good as its library.

    There is a lot of sounds available even now but the problem is sending a chq to Germany for one thing and a credit card to the States for another.

    I posed this to my company about seeing if there is any point in doing a small number of libraries in the UK BUT it seems that the market is already flooded wih enough resellers.. Shame really....

    The only possible exceptions being Nemesys libraries..Actually, when the GM library comes out (End Sept/Oct) I would imagine that it will have a lot of appeal. I would get one just a useful general tool on its own.

    A dead end thought really. A customer did pose an interesting observation to me though.. He told me that if he bought a hardware sampler from shop \"F\" they gave him access to their own library..
    \"whatever that library was\"

    Mmm not sure on that

    Help from the floor gentlemen


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