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Topic: Capture panel displacement

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    Capture panel displacement

    I had the GS vers 1.52 working properly.
    Once I updated to a PIII 450, Asus motherboard, and expanded the ram to 256, the capture panel is displaced at the upper left corner of the screen, so that can\'t be closed, and the resulting audio file can\'t be saved.
    If anyone can help with some suggestion..
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Capture panel displacement

    (just a first solution)
    to move a window under W95 (and 98?) with the keyboard only:
    when the window is active, press
    move the window with the arrows
    press [return] when the window is in the middle of your screen.

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    Re: Capture panel displacement

    Hi Iestrade !
    It works, Thank you a lot.

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